BlackBerry 6210 Among Most Influential Gadgets Of All Time

BlackBerry 6210 Among Most Influential Gadgets Of All Time
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The BlackBerry 6210, also known as the BlackBerry Quark, was released in 2003 by Research in Motion. Now Time has named the 6210 as one of the most influential gadgets (at the 24th spot) of all time after almost 15 years of its release.

6210 a pivotal step forward for mobile devices

The Quark was the first modern BlackBerry device with the ability to allow users to receive and send text messages and emails. The BlackBerry Quark also allowed users to browse the web. In its early form, the 6210 showed everything a smartphone could and ought to be.

Though the Canada-based smartphone maker did make pocket-sized gadgets for checking email on-the-go before the 6210, the Quark was the first to combine email and web browsing with the functionality of a phone, said Time.

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The magazine concluded, “All told, the 6210 was a pivotal step forward for mobile devices.”

The 5810, the 6210’s predecessor, required users to attach a headset to make calls.

The other notable mobiles included in the list were the Motorola Dynatac 8000x, at number 37, and the Palm Pilot, at number 36, while at number 34 was the Nokia 3210. Apple’s iPhone took the first spot on the list for its role in the smartphone revolution.

This is not the first time the 6210 has been named as one of the most influential gadgets. Time magazine published a similar list in 2010, and the Quark made it onto the list then as well.

BlackBerry among the least popular brands

In other BlackBerry news, marketing firm Brand Keys named BlackBerry among the most unpopular brands in America. Volkswagen topped the list, which also included American Apparel, Aéropostale, Così, Kobo, Budweiser, Sears, Whole Foods, and Sports Authority. The Brand Keys report is based on a survey of 42,792 Americans aged 18 to 65.

Volkswagen was probably on the list because of the bad press it received last year. Sports Authority was probably in the list because last month it entered bankruptcy protection. Whole Foods was caught price rigging its own brand, while the fast casual restaurant Così entered the list due to poor sales. BlackBerry was on the list probably because of low sales of its devices.

Brand Keys President Robert Passikoff said, “The fundamental reason these brands were rated so low for consumer engagement is because they were unable to meet the very high – and ever-growing – emotional expectations consumers bring to the marketplace.”

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