Australian Businessman Claims He Is The Founder Of Bitcoin

Australian Businessman Claims He Is The Founder Of Bitcoin by Graphiq

Australian businessman Craig Wright claimed Monday that he created the digital currency, which if true would end one of the largest mysteries in tech history. However, skepticism remains over whether Wright is telling the truth as many alleged creators have come forward or have been uncovered by the media as the creator of the currency.

Published on May 2, 2016
WSJ’s Paul Vigna joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero and sheds light on claims by Australian businessman Craig Wright that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the elusive inventor of the crypto currency. Photo: Kristina Uffe

Published on May 2, 2016
Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright has revealed he is the creator of the famous crypto currency. His admission comes after years of speculation about who invented the digital crypto-currency and launched it in 2009. However, in an interview with BBC, Wright insisted that he would have preferred his identity to remain anonymous, stressing he was not seeking cash or honors.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Transactions per Day – Full History

BTC Price – 1 Year

BTC Price – Full History


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