Apple Watch 2 Design, Display And Battery Rumors

Apple Watch 2 Design, Display And Battery Rumors
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Recently the Apple watch became one year old, and as you know that’s a very long time in the tech world. So taking account for that it is not surprising to discover that the rumor mill is yet again doing the rounds and trying to guess what Apple may have in store for us with an Apple Watch 2.

I may self have seen many of the top review sites running rumor based stories, talking about all sorts of wild and wonderful speculation, regarding its price, release date and even GPS! However, I want to find out more about the Apple Watch 2 because recently Tim Cook is a speech when confronted about it, neither confirmed nor denied the smartwatch and its possible existence.

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So I’m going to choose a few different features that I’d like to know more about it, Read on to find out more…

Apple Watch 2: Design

If you’re hoping for the Apple Watch 2 to tear up the rule book and be launched with some kind of new futuristic form-factor, you may be disappointed. Current rumors are not promoting this. Instead, they point towards a device, which will more than likely stick with the current design.

However, there are some people out there, you know the eternal optimists who hope that Apple ditches the current square un Apple like design an instead opt for a more rounded time centric approach, something like Motorola did with the Moto 360, but obviously with more Apple class and elegance.

Apple Watch 2: Display

The original display was not something Apple could be proud of. Many users reported that it suffered lag due to WatchOS having trouble processing instructions, prior to displaying the output onscreen. However, with WatchOS2 and beyond there is a good chance that Apple will have learned a few lessons and will be able to correct that oversight on the Apple Watch 2.

As for rumors, it’s safe to assume that some of them are talking the obvious; at 303ppi the current watch has a relatively OK resolution. But it certainly is not the best, as some Android Wear watches are approaching 500ppi. So in this case Apple has some catching up to do.

Battery Life

It’s not just your smartwatch you want a better battery life for, it’s your smartwatch and tablet too! But I’m just talking about the Apple Watch 2 here, so let’s focus and carry on!

The 1st Apple Watch did almost as much as the hype prior to its launched promise…. Erm well actually it did not. Instead, Apple had to fall short of its original promises and deliver something that didn’t kill the battery in under an hour or two.

So with the Apple Watch 2 everyone who could possibly want one is crying out for battery life that lasts longer than one day with heavy use! However, this creates a problem for Apple, because not only will the battery need to be upgraded, but the processing power will too.

But due to an increase in processing power any improvement in battery power would be instantly negated! The problem is energy efficiency, no matter how small the component gets (possibly 14nm thanks to Samsung) within the Apple Watch, the best that can be currently hoped for is an always on display that last a whole day!

Release Date

Some people have resorted to asking Siri, in the hope that she /it may have some insider information to share about the launch date. However, as far as I know she has failed to spill the beans, which leaves those who asked and me wondering and speculating as to just when the Apple Watch 2 could launch.

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t see the next watch mentioned on March 21st that was the date some hopefuls had their fingers crossed for. But that means the launch could take place on June the 13th (pure speculation) with the iOS10 launch at WWDC 2016. Failing that I suppose it could be in September with the iPhone 7!

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