Apple Inc. Hit With Absurd Patent Lawsuit

If you’re not familiar with the people, law firms and companies that are largely referred to as “patent trolls” you will be after you read about this lawsuit against Apple which can only be called batsh*t crazy.

Apple Inc. Hit With Absurd Patent Lawsuit

The sheer madness of this patent lawsuit against Apple

Corydoras Technologies filed a total of six infringement suits against the Cupertino, CA giant alleging that the last models of the iPhones are violating patents it holds for the devices ability to make a telephone call or receive emails. As one of the first companies to develop a phone that did more that simply act as a phone, the employees and shareholders of Apple must be having a bit of a laugh today. Granted, shareholders haven’t had much to laugh about for some time though Apple is up nearly 1.5% today.

The case was brought against Apple in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas on May 20, the same state that Corydoras Technology calls home.

Texas is the home of numerous patent trolls as the state has seen quite a bit of success by these shameful companies.

In reporting from Patently Apple, the lawsuit is looking to put an umbrella over each iPhone Apple has made since iPhone 4 and all the the way back to the second-generation iPad. Corydoras also believes that they hold a patent that is being violated by the mere presence of Apple’s FaceTime as well as location sharing and call blocking.

Clearly, the suit is madness but it’s also been filed in Texas. If it wasn’t Apple that was meant to fight this frivolous suit, we would likely not be mentioning it.

While clearly a patent troll, that distinction exists as a number of trolls have received millions filing similar lawsuits.

While certainly a nuisance, at the end of the day, what’s a couple million out of Apple’s ample coffers given its cash hoard and valuation?

Smartflash LLC won a case against Apple last year in Texas to the tune of $553 for three patent claims so there is a method to this madness.

While that is under appeal it’s still a positive result for the trolls.