Android N vs. iOS 10 Features

Android N vs. iOS 10 Features
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Apple’s iOS mobile platform and Android from Google have been around for a few years now, and in that time have gained themselves the majority of the Worlds smartphone market. Fast-forward to a month from now and in what has become a yearly ritual both giants of the mobile world are set to go head-to-head once again with the release of new versions of their mobile operating systems, Android N (7.0) and iOS 10.

So what new features will each operating system have in store for its users? Let’s begin by taking a look at Android N and what it has to offer.

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Android N Features

Android N or 7.0 as some people call it has been around in the form of a couple of different publicly accessible developer and beta versions, which are ready for regular use. However, as of yet no one really knows what Google /Alphabet will call it and as with all pre-software releases the final cut of Android N may not include some of the expected features.

So here are a couple of the features I expect it to officially launch with.

Quick-Switch Multitasking

As a Samsung Galaxy Note user it’s difficult for me to think of my Android handset not having split screen multi-tasking built in. However, that is actually a reality for most none Note users, and with the Android N this will finally be put right. This will be done with the inclusion of a task-switching control, which is double tapped to instantly switch to a most recently used app. Google is calling this the Quick-switch feature.


The notifications area looks to have received a major revamp in Android N. The visuals are much sharper and icons are smaller so make better use of the available space. This area has also become more functional, with a tap on a specific icon revealing more detail about the icon so that a user can take action. Also, there are buttons, which when pressed expand the each notification and reveal more hidden information, avoiding the need to go to the settings.

iOS 10 Features

I’ve been writing about iOS 10 for a few weeks now and it looks as though this new version of Apple’s mobile OS could be the most exciting for some time. However, Apple has been much more secretive about this latest piece of software and I am resorting to rumors. But, I’m going to include a couple of features below, which I think every Apple fan would love to see in this next OS.

iOS 10 Features

Contact Availability Status

Imagine being able to tell with a quick glance, which of your contacts is available to talk or text at that moment! A patent was recently granted that shows Apple is actually working on this right now! In short this would mean that a user’s phone would be in contact with a user’s phone that is on their contacts list, and via an external server be regularly updated with availability statuses.

Smart Wi-Fi

This new feature would give iOS 10 via an iPhone the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network that it has been connected to before (Wi-Fi Memory) and then when a handset leaves the area of that Wi-Fi network it would automatically switch off. Not only would this mean a user not having to constantly remember to switch off his /her Wi-Fi, but it would make significant improvements to battery life.

Final Thoughts

It is difficult to predict for both mobile operating systems, exactly what features will make the final cut, but I personally hope that both Google with Android N and Apple with iOS 10 have listened to what there users want.

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