Trump Sees Twitter Inc As “Owning My Own Newspaper”

Twitter is seen as a major source of news by many, but this time, it’s in the news due to someone else. On Sunday, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump compared the micro-blogging giant to owning a newspaper. Twitter has been largely used by Trump to popularize his propaganda, engage in Twitter wars and attack terrorist groups.

Would not quit Twitter but use it differently

At a town hall aired Sunday on Fox News, the anchor asked Trump whether he’d stop tweeting if he is elected president, and in response, Trump said, “This is a modern form; it’s like owning my own newspaper.”

Trump told attendees that he has around 7.5 million people following him on the micro-blogging site, adding, “Picking up hundreds of thousands of people within a short time.”

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He also bragged about his large number of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Responding further, Trump asked, “I have like 16, 17 million people. That’s like owning The New York Times … why should I give it up?”

But Trump did say that he would be using Twitter differently if he is elected president.

Clarifying further, he said, “As president, I think I’d be very much different on that. I wouldn’t be doing it much.”

He added that President Barrack Obama uses the social media outlet sometimes but that he should not be used as an example.

Trump said, “As president, I would probably not be doing it, maybe not be doing it all, but I have millions and millions of people, they rely on it, they love it, and I think it’s one of the reasons frankly I’m doing so well.”

Trump bragged that he is the front runner “by far” and attributes some of this to social media.

“I’m a smart guy, being presidential is easy,” he said.

Clarifies his statement on abortion

Also the anchor asked Trump about his answer to a question last week that if abortion is made illegal, women should be punished. Trump retracted that statement later. But on Sunday, Trump indicated that women are actually punishing themselves.

Trump said that women go through a lot and a “tremendous punishment” themselves.

“I wasn’t sure people would understand it. So I clarified it. It was a clarification, and I think I was well-accepted,” he said.