Tesla’s New Emoji Hints At P100D Battery Option [REPORT]

Tesla’s New Emoji Hints At P100D Battery Option [REPORT]
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Tesla Motors’ Facebook account now has the “Keeping it 100” emoji. Though the emoji actually means “To Keep Or Stay Truthful Or Staying The Same,” many are taking it as a hint that the electric carmaker is going to release its much-anticipated 100kWh battery option soon, says Electrek.

Bigger battery means better performance

Previously, there were some reports claiming that the battery option was going to be released with the Model S update. As it appears, it could have been delayed, possibly by safety inspections, certifications or just plain old scarcity/development.

Also there were references to a 100kWh battery in the Tesla OS code, hinted hacker Jason Hughes two months ago. Since then, speculations have been focused on when the battery would be launched, what specs it would have, and how much it would affect the range.

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It has reported that with a bigger battery and some other small changes, Tesla could bump its top range to significantly over 300 miles from the current 288 EPA-rated of the 90D. It is believed that an 11% increase in the battery should bump the 100D to around 320 miles of range.

Some improvements will come in performance too. If the 11% increase in power can be proportionally delivered to engines, it might even decrease the Ludicrously low 2.8 sec 0-60 time, says the report.

Tesla invites others to use charging network

In other Tesla-related news, at the Future of Transportation last week in Oslo, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said other manufacturers are welcome to use Tesla’s supercharger network. The electric car company is working with Mercedes and others to work out a way to share the Supercharger facilities, Musk told conference attendees.

This is the second time Musk has emphasized this point. He did so the first time when addressing a crowd of well-wishers in Paris at a Tesla store. Last year, the automaker chose to make all its patents public in order to motivate others to make electric cars.

Experts worry that Supercharger locations will become crowded with the Model 3 just a year and six months away from production. If other manufacturers step up and make a contribution to charge infrastructure, it would help a lot.

Tesla has also introduced destination charging in Europe. On Monday, the EV firm tweeted that there are now 150 destination charger locations available in Europe.

“Now Tesla owners across Europe can plug in at their favorite hotels & restaurants,” the tweet said.

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