Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs: Curved Display, 6GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs: Curved Display, 6GB RAM
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As the neverending stream of rumors and leaks will attest, it is incredibly hard for manufacturers like Samsung to keep details of new products like the Galaxy Note 6 a secret.

As hard as they might try, manufacturers struggle to keep the lid on details about their latest products up until the date of the official announcement. Flagship technology comes under particular scrutiny, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is no different.

Samsung developing two versions of Galaxy Note 6

Previous rumors related to the introduction of an iris scanner in pre-production models of the Galaxy Note 6, and now Dutch website GSM HelpDesk says that Samsung may release two versions of its new flagship smartphone.

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The Korean tech giant is reportedly testing two different devices for the European market. Both are said to feature a huge 5.8″ display, with one screen being flat and the other curved.

The report also says that Samsung will not release two handsets at the same time as it did with the Note 5 and S6 edge+ last year. The thinking is that an S7 edge+ makes little sense given how large the standard Galaxy S7 is.

Rumors of curved screen for new phablet

The Galaxy Note 6 is being developed with both types of display as Samsung is reportedly unsure which one will make it ti production. The new smartphone is due to be released later this year.

It is apparent that both displays have QHD resolution and the phone will have the same 12MP camera as the S7. Two chipsets will be used in different markets, with U.S. buyers getting a Snapdragon 823 and those in other countries getting a higher-clocked Exynos 8890.

According to the report the Note 6 will have 6GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage and a microSD slot. Other rumors include the possible inclusion of a massive 400mAh battery, bigger still than the 3600 mAh unit in the S7 edge.

Battery life could be boosted by huge 4,000 mAh unit

Battery life is a common cause for complaint among smartphone users, who are often left frustrated by the need to charge their phone at every opportunity. The Apple iPhone 6s has come in for criticism for its distinctly mediocre battery life, and Samsung may be looking to steal a march on its biggest rival by boosting its more impressive battery life even further in the new smartphone.

This is just one area in which Samsung and Apple are battling it out in the smartphone market. While the Korean company has made the switch to OLED displays, Apple still uses LCD units.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is widely considered to have the best screen of any smartphone currently on the market. However rumors surrounding the next generation iPhone 7 suggest that Samsung could be about to lose its crown.

Screen part of larger battle between Samsung and Apple

Rumors are swireling that Apple will use the same screen featured on the iPad Pro in its next generation smartphone. The display unit has a number of features that analysts say make it better than the Samsung OLED, despite the fact that it still uses LCD technology.

Apple itself is reportedly going to make the switch to OLED displays in 2017, but it may have come up with an LCD screen that can beat Samsung’s OLED unit. This would mean that one of Samsung’s main advantages is negated.

However Apple is yet to release a device with a curved screen. Should Samsung decide to go down that route with the Galaxy Note 6 consumers could be tempted to try something different.

The Galaxy Note 6 apparently runs a developer version of Android N, and an official version will be revealed soon after Google’s announcement on its latest operating system. The new smartphone will also have a fingerprint scanner, in line with other high-end Galaxy devices.

With Apple expected to release its iPhone 7 this fall, things are heating up in the flagship smartphone market. Samsung fans can already buy the Galaxy S7, but power users might prefer to wait for the phablet Galaxy Note 6 with its rumored huge screen.

Rumors are already swirling about Apple’s plans for its 2017 smartphones, and it appears that both companies will continue to push each other to new heights. If the rumors are true about the inclusion of 6GB RAM we could be about to enter a new age of incredibly powerful smartphones.

The question is whether such a huge amount of memory is really necessary with today’s apps or whether we are seeing a specs war that has no real benefit for users.

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