Right Click Not Working On Some Websites? Try This

Right Click Not Working On Some Websites? Try This

With so much content being available on the internet for the most part we have become accustomed to just copying and pasting it when we have the desire to do so. A lot of sites are really opposed to this and as a way of protecting their content they have taken some security measures to prevent this. They are using devices or plug-ins that disables the browser context menu. There are ways around this and here are a few tips to help you achieve this.

Bypass the right click block

Option One:

You just need to use a snippet of some JavaScript that you simply paste into your address bar.

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Once you have pasted this in the browser just hit enter. Your problem is solved. Just right click and you should no longer be blocked. Add this code to your bookmark for future easy access.

Option Two:

If going through the same process each and every time you are right click blocked then this option is a better alternative.

You can simply add an extension to your browser to rectify the problem.

For Chrome:

For your Chrome browser install the “RightToCopy” extension. This will allow you to select text and copy it even on sites that have disabled this function. As an added bonus it discards the add in text that you often get when copying such as the “read more” tag.

If you want something even more extensive when it comes to script blocking with Chrome use the ScriptSafe.

For Firefox:

Utilize the ‘RightToClick” extension. You may find this an even better choice than Chrome as it gives you more control over the page functionality. You can also use an extended version from Firefox called NoScript.

Both of the extended versions for these two browsers will disable all scripts unless you choose to enable them. Do keep in mind however that extensions can also create their own problems.

So now you have no frustrating moments ahead of you when it comes to right-clicking on sites of your choosing.

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