One Of Our Features Could Make Us Big In China: Tesla Motors Inc


Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) is very excited about one new feature it hopes will help it make it big in China. In an interview with Chinese broadcaster CCTV, Jon McNeill, head of Tesla’s global sales and service, said one of the most interesting features for the Chinese market is the bioweapon defense mode.

China’s pollution to help

If you have ever been to Beijing, you will understand why the U.S. firm is so excited about this “bioweapon defense mode.”

McNeil explained, “It creates air that’s 800 times cleaner than the outside air.”

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Tesla is hoping the cabin-filtering feature will be a major selling point given the well-documented problems related to China’s air quality.

In September, Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced the feature in the Model X SUV. Also there are speculations that the EV firm could make that feature available in all future versions of the Model S sedan. Further, McNeil told CCTV that their next manufacturing plant “very well may be in China.” Of course the electric carmaker has never really made any secret of its plans for the country.

Tesla opens another Experience Center in China

In other Tesla news, the automaker has opened a new Experience Center in Beijing. This is Tesla’s fifth owned sales site in Beijing and the largest Experience Center in northern China. Also Tesla’s new Model S debuted in China during the opening ceremony of this new store.

In 2016, the electric carmaker will reportedly build around ten new stores. At the same time, it will stick to its core direct sales model. At present, Tesla’s new cars need to be booked via its official website, and then the electric cars are delivered to the physical stores.

So far, the automaker has opened 17 Experience Centers in China covering eastern, southern and northern China. These Experience Centers are mainly located in the First Tier cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shenzhen, and some are in Xi’an, Hangzhou, and Chengdu.

Tesla China Head Zhu Xiaotong expects the electric carmaker to continue to grow within First Tier markets in the future. These super cities can still digest Tesla’s car as their potential has not been explored completely, the executive said, adding that it is difficult to expand into a new city. Therefore, the U.S.-based firm will seek stable development based on the existing sites.