Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud – Saudi Regime Might Want to Put a Muzzle on the 30 Year Old Saudi Prince

Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud – Saudi Regime Might Want to Put a Muzzle on the 30 Year Old Saudi Prince
Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud

Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud – The Saudi Regime Might Want to Put a Muzzle on the 30 Year Old Saudi Prince (Video)

Does this 30-year old Saudi Prince, Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud, represent the entire economic and political interests of the Saudi Government? The more he talks, it illustrates the lack of diplomatic seasoning represented by his elders on the world stage. He seems more and more like the Donald Trump of Saudi Arabia who likes the media spotlight, in short an attention whore. This cannot be going over well with the higher ups in the Saudi regime. Who try to keep a low profile, and operate behind the scenes from a much more strategic, diplomatic standpoint.

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Published on Apr 16, 2016

Saudi Regime

0:00greetings this is econ matters is April 16 2016 we’re going to talk about the
0:05pre rhetoric that’s happened before the Doha meeting and trying to figure out
0:09what’s going on from a critical thinking standpoint that this individual Mohammed
0:14bin Salman also I had a interview with Bloomberg on Thursday where he made some
0:23statement basically tweaking Iran and saying that everybody needs to agree to
0:27production cuts or we’re not gonna agree basically reiterating what he said a
0:31couple weeks ago so what one should try to determine is to see speak for the
0:37entire royal family and government of Saudi Arabia on this matter he’s here
0:45and look at all these individuals that are over him and the other point is is
0:52this going over well with the Saudi machine or is he just met for a purpose
0:57and Bloomberg his vehicle and their strategizing it’s hard to really figure
1:03that out
1:08some of the news we do know that ran was gonna send their oil minister or
1:15representative and then they since they made their feelings known in this issue
1:21that they were never going to be involved in the production cut for
1:25several months but get this mean for the scheduled to take place anyway I can’t
1:31believe that that was contingent on around cutting that this entire mean was
1:36either go or no-go so then I ran as and perform that only those countries
1:42willing to agree to freeze their output level should attend so is this some
1:48sense does that mean all the people who are attending are going to agree to
1:52production freeze and they’re just sort of punishing around or is this meeting
1:56and complete no go it seems rather odd that they would have this meeting if
2:03they thought that somehow we’re going to be able to convince around to change
2:08their views on this issue it seems even more tests and probably ultimately
2:14bullish long term for oil prices cuz they have literally a basket case but
2:21that seems to fly in the face of some of the comments out of russia and kuwait
2:30immediately produces dawn Sunday files are gathering in February team Saudi
2:34Arabia Qatar Russia and Venezuela in which the court agreed to cap their
2:39production general level there is hope that produces reached agreement and
2:42Dmitry Peskov team recruitment press secretary set on the latest convert
2:47conversation between Russia Energy Minister Alexander Novak and his Saudi
2:51counterpart novak stock to Saudi oil minister Ali Naimi by phone on Tuesday
2:57discuss prospects for a production freeze person with direct knowledge of
3:01the matter said and then of course when opec reaches a concise collected
3:07consensus our support them Prince Mahmud said he seems to want to comment on
3:12everything and that’s what is real and treating here is he the new power broker
3:18and Saudi Arabia where she just a thirty year old children off at the mouth and
3:24this is where the more this guy talks sort of like Donald Trump and more silly
3:32his statement to become a says we can produced twenty million barrels of oil
3:36per day fully invested in production capacity but we can’t produce beyond 20
3:42why stop at twenty million you just doubled your capacity when your price
3:47war why stop at twenty million why not save thirty teams are better than 20 is
3:53the cutoff point around number I guess but there’s no evidence to support this
3:59and the fact that saudi seem very sensitive about what their actual
4:04capacity is always very mysterious about what their capacity actual capacity is
4:11thinking a price war we sort of found out that it may be close to 11 million
4:17barrels and that’s pushing it may be actually ten five or ten six
4:23and you know this is a very hypothetical if we invested in production capacity
4:31yeah that could include all the way to finding new oil fields so that’s
4:39interesting but
4:42when you think in any goes on to say stuff about its the battle he talks
4:50about low prices it’s the Battle of others who are suffering from low oil
4:53prices yes but you are a member of OPEC and you do have to consider a rand was
4:59under sanctions they weren’t producing oil artificially low relative to so in
5:06some sense Saudi Arabia gain market share
5:09Iran’s expense and kept very well expect them to stay by their pre sanction
5:15levels so it seems funny he’s been pretty unreasonable here and the other
5:21members of opec who are suffering from low prices actually you called on them
5:27for some political favors during the Arab Spring so you might want to think
5:31about that the next time you go shooting off your mouth because you are a member
5:35of OPEC and they need your help right now all these other countries who are
5:40suffering when you turn your back on them
5:44guess what when the next term Lapins from political standpoint inside Saudi
5:51they may turn their back on you because you didn’t have their back when they
5:55need it so that’s how relationships work and you are a member of an organization
6:03that has everybody’s interest in line

Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud

6:08that go into the decision-making process and so I’m not sure just even from our
6:15rhetoric stand client if this saudi government really cuz they have a lot of
6:21political allies located right next to their country not even speaking about
6:27Iran but speaking all about their very close allies who are suffering from
6:32these low prices and we can even see that saudi Arabia’s suffering from these
6:37low oil prices their credit rating just got downgraded by Fitch they’re having
6:43to go to the market that means increased borrowing costs with lower credit rating
6:48and I think that even if you’re doing well relative to your allies and your
6:58peers the last thing you want to be doing it is still a little bit in this
7:05sense like you know tough shit sucks to be you that that probably won’t go over
7:15very well politically and this is a political world and a little bit of
7:21discretion and diplomatic relationships are very important and I’m not sure that
7:28the entire Saudi royal family and the saudi government

Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud
7:34is in line with all the statements that this thirty-year old prints is espousing
7:41now so we will see how the do i mean take shape it’s hard to critically think
7:49about this issue and get beyond the rhetoric I somehow seem to think maybe
7:55it’s too logical and maybe they’re messed up when I think that they
7:58wouldn’t be having this mean if there’s not going to be some kind of positive
8:03outcome Creek Rd in some kind of agreement regarding production freeze
8:09that they’re too many vested interest in why would you talked down your commodity
8:15when you all need the money and it’s obvious that when oil got down to $26
8:22that you are hurting in you really started wrapping up their rhetoric
8:25because of the fact that these low prices really killing your revenue
8:32inputs and so it just seemed still why would somebody intend to intentionally
8:38shoot themselves in the foot
8:39regardless of their political animosity towards ran it just seemed there too
8:44many other countries too many vested interest not to come to some kind of
8:48agreement even if it’s only in spirit and not really

Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud
8:54going to make a dramatic impact on me bouncing the oil market which I like the
9:02IAEA agree that ultimately the shell and free market and capex reductions are
9:09going and the growth in demand over time and the second half of 2016 or what’s
9:16going to really the fundamentals are really what’s going to drive the market


Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud

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