Man Sued LG After Optimus F6 Exploded In His Pocket

While you can blame someone for burning their crotch after smuggling coffee into a movie theater in their pants and laugh, when their ridiculous lawsuit is overturned on appeal, there is no reason for a phone to explode for no reason in your pants and injuries requiring skin grafts certainly merit a lawsuit.

Man Sued LG After Optimus F6 Exploded In His Pocket

52-year-old New York resident sues over LG

If this truly happened LG should expect to write a check pretty soon and if will likely have a number of zeros on the end of the amount. The 52-year old who works in the IT department of a Manhattan investment bank is claiming that is phone exploded in his pocket and then began burning. It seems odd that a phone would simply explode without warning but stranger things have certainly happened.

It’s even odder that it wouldn’t heat up dramatically before exploding but I’m not one to call someone a liar simply because I don’t understand how a phone goes from communications device to something that sees you being rushed to the emergency room.

The handset in question was a LG Optimus F6 which went into production towards the end of 2013. While he bought it well after this, that’s hardly a reason for it to explode. I don’t think sitting in a box, is meant to make it more dangerous. After owning it for a few months, according to Muhammad Sattar, it just exploded.

“It was just in his pocket, sitting there, and it blew up,” said Lawrence Goldhirsch, Sattar’s lawyer.

Extent of the injuries

Sattar was rushed to Weill Cornell Medical Center where he was treated for second- and third-degree burns on his hand and right leg from the hospital’s burn center. While there has been no disclosed amount of money involved in the lawsuit, in a litigious society like the United States, he must have been beating lawyer’s away with a stick as certainly that will start in the 7 or 8 figure range given a missed month of work and injuries that caused scars and grafts.

Phones shouldn’t do this, cheaply made hoverboards…well makes a bit more sense as those things are like roman candles.