MacBooks Are Slimming Down For Swimsuit Season [Rumor]


Clearly laptops by any producer should avoid going swimming (certainly right after a meal) but while you’re headed to the beach this summer, rumors suggest that Apple is trying to slim down its line of laptops now that the Macbook Air has lost the title of thinnest laptop.

Rumors abound ahead of summer MacBooks release

Rumors should be taken with a serious grain of salt. While that won’t stop me from writing about them, I’m rarely right. Sure, I’ve gotten lucky and as more and more is leaked each season from the supply chain, speculation about new product launches does indeed get more accurate from me and others.

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Last November, I, and countless others, reported that Apple was looking to “fully redesign” the majority of the internal components that comprise its beautiful line of laptops in order to make them thinner.

As inaccurate as my rumors and links often turn out to be, DigiTimes may even have a worse track record.

Today the site reported that Apple is looking at adding US-based Amphenol to its supply chain. Specifically, the site is reporting that Amphenol will be charged with producing metal injection molding-made (MIM) hinges. If this is true, Amphenol could help Apple slim down a line of much needed new laptop designs. Whether they need to be slimmer is another animal all together. Amphenol presently does the hinge work for Microsoft’s Surface 4.

Additional MacBook Rumors

Many are suggestion that Mac will be dropping the MacBook Air name but this is a bit counter-intuitive if its new MacBook gets thinner and presumably lighter. “Air” would make a fair bit of sense unless you’re looking for lighter than the air we breathe and  went with MacBook Helium or some such nonesense.

Whether Apple will announce a new line of MacBooks at a dedicated event or at its annual WWDC conference is anyone’s guess.

The real question, in my mind, is what OSX version any new MacBook might run when released.

Apple is fantastic at keeping us guessing and my lights on with the fantastic rumors I’m paid to recap or just make up when I fancy it.