MacBook Pro Concept Shows Ultrathin Laptop

Apple did not make an announcement on its MacBook Pro lineup at its event last week, but a concept designer has been hard at work.

Some commentators believed that the tech giant would announce new 13- and 15-inch laptops at the event, but instead Apple concentrated on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPhone SE. However it is likely that the MacBook Pro lineup will receive an update before August.

MacBook Pro Concept Shows Ultrathin Laptop

Concept designer imagines ultrathin MacBook Pro

Designer Martin Hajek has been working on a new concept imagining what the laptop may look like based on the current crop of rumors. Hajek has effectively taken the larger MacBooks and given them the same aesthetic styling as the 12-inch model.

The smaller bezels and thinner bodies make for a striking combination. Some rumors say that Apple is thinking about getting rid of the MacBook Air and replacing it with thinner and lighter MacBook Pros, and this concept imagines that possibility.

It is not yet clear whether the MacBook Pro would be possible to manufacture from a technological standpoint, but Apple usually finds a way around design obstacles. Hajek also imagines a new Mac operating system, which adds another futuristic touch to his concept.

New laptops coming soon from Apple

Apple has been pushing the limits of miniaturization with its MacBook laptops with the Air range. It seems logical that the company would take some of what it has learned and apply it to the MacBook Pro range, which after all is the flagship.

We have previously seen some of this cross-pollination, so it is certainly possible that we will see thinner and lighter MacBook Pros in the next generation. Commentators believe that new MacBook Pros will be released within the next few months.

If Hajek has got anywhere near imagining how they will look then it’s fair to say that they will be beautiful machines. One recent report says that ultra-thin MacBook models might be released as early as June or July.

Should you be in the market for a new laptop, it might be worth waiting to see what Apple does with the new MacBook Pros.