Bus Explodes In Jerusalem, Multiple Casualties


The BBC reports that two people injured in the Jerusalem bus blast that happened on Hebron Road were taken to the hospital in serious condition. Medics told the media outlet that at least 16 people were injured. Police said the bus that exploded was empty and that the people who were hurt were on another bus that was close to the one that exploded. Photos taken at the scene showed one bus engulfed in flames and other that was partially on fire.

Police in Jerusalem are investigating the cause of the explosion, although earlier reports suggested that militants were to blame.

Bus Explodes In Jerusalem, Multiple Casualties


Emergency personnel are responding to a bus explosion in Jerusalem. AFP reports that at least ten people were injured in the blast, citing paramedics for the information, although Reuters pegs the number of casualties higher at about 20, citing Israeli media. Reuters added that it’s unclear whether the casualties were wounded or dead. Police in Jerusalem told local media that early signs point to an attack by militants. Video showed a burned-out bus in the southwestern part of the city on Derech Hebron with smoke pouring out, according to Reuters.