This iPhone Case Heals Itself After Damage

The immense popularity of the Apple iPhone has spawned an entire industry devoted to producing accessories for the best-selling smartphone on the planet.

Most people in Europe and the U.S. now wander around with tiny computers in their pockets, using their devices for myriad different functions. Some people buy bulky cases to protect these important possessions, while others prefer to dice with danger in order to maintain the slim profile of the device.

This iPhone Case Heals Itself After Damage

Sel-healing iPhone case is almost invisible

With the Just Mobile TENC case, you no longer have to make this decision. The ultra-slim case does not add significant bulk to the Apple iPhone 6s, and it will also heal itself if it suffers any damage.

According to the manufacturers, the case is a “masterwork of technical virtuosity.” While it’s not entirely clear what they mean by that, there can be no arguing with the fact that the case is might impressive.

It’s near-invisible and heals itself if you drop it. There are two models available: one for the iPhone 6/6s and another for the iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus, both of which are made from the same auto-healing smart materials.

Bargain protection available in several different colors

The case will protect your precious iPhone from dings and knocks while at the same time retaining the good looks that the smartphone is famous for. Not only will your smartphone look almost the same as when you got it out of the box, it will function in the same way.

Thanks to an open-bottom design, users will be able to dock their smartphone and use its Lightning connector as if the case weren’t even there. Consequently the case is functional, self-healing and it’s also fairly cheap.

You can get your hands on the Just Mobile TENC case for just $25 (iPhone 6s/6) and $30 (iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus). There are a number of different colors available including Clear, Gray or Matte Clear.

iPhone fans need no longer hide their beautiful smartphone beneath a layer of ugly plastic or rubber, this case will protect both the inner workings of the phone and its exterior aesthetic appeal.