iPhone 7 Will Be Ultra Thinner With Improved Battery Life [REPORT]

Rumors continue to swirl about what features Apple will include on the next generation iPhone 7.

Ahead of a predicted September launch the internet has gone into overdrive discussing what Apple may do with the iPhone 7. Rumors variously concern the introduction of a halo iPhone 7 Pro, a dual-camera system and the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

iPhone 7 Will Be Ultra Thinner With Improved Battery Life [REPORT]

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No headphone jack will make for thinner handset

It looks as though the iPhone 7 will boast many improvements in design, specs and features. The removal of the headphone jack will allow the new smartphone to be thinner and lighter than the existing iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models.

While this innovation is not without its detractors, there may be a silver lining for those annoyed about losing their headphone jack. A report carried by Korean website Et News explains that even though the iPhone 7 will be thinner, it will contain a larger battery.

The report explains that Apple will use Fan-Out Packaging Technology (FOT) to pack in a bigger battery. FOT means that Apple will be able to increase the input/output terminals in the handset by changing the wiring.

As a result FOT allows for a greater number of I/O terminals without making the chip any bigger. Understandably this is a major boon when it comes to reducing manufacturing costs.

“Because industries do not want to increase the size of a chip just for I/O terminals, they have been paying attention to Fan Out Packaging technology recently,” ET News says.

iPhone 7 could offer improved battery life

One of the main areas of criticism leveled at the existing iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models is that battery life is mediocre at best. Consequently Apple is planning to fit a larger battery to the iPhone 7. This will be possible even within the confines of a thinner handset thanks to FOT.

According to a recent leak the iPhone 7 will have a 7.04 watt-hour battery, compared to the 6.61 watt-hour unit found in the iPhone 6s.

Other rumored upgrades include the fitting of a new Apple A10 CPU and a slight boost in the amount of RAM. While the iPhone 6s packs 2GB of RAM, it is thought that the iPhone 7 will have at least 3GB if not more.

The removal of the headphone jack has sparked controversy among audiophiles. If there is no physical connection they may be forced to use wireless headphones to listen to their music, which offer worse sound quality than their cabled cousins.

Headphone controversy could erupt

While Apple may include a set of wireless headphones with the iPhone 7, bundled headphones have proved disappointing for serious music fans in the past. In fact anyone with a slight interest in music has generally invested in a new set of headphones rather than use the standard model.

The idea that people may be forced to invest in a new, expensive set of wireless headphones is another point of contention. Of course we have no idea at this stage if Apple will even get rid of the headphone jack, but it is looking increasingly likely.

Another rumor concerns the possible release of a range-topping iPhone 7 Pro. Various analysts have pointed out that such a move would bring the iPhone into line with the iPad and MacBook ranges.

Speculation is building that a potential iPhone 7 Pro could make use of a dual-camera system, designed to dramatically improve performance in low light. However everything is just rumors at the moment given the lack of an official announcement from Apple.