iPhone 7 Concept: Will Apple Inc. Make Such A Big Jump?

iPhone 7 Concept: Will Apple Inc. Make Such A Big Jump?
Image Source: Apple

We have seen over a dozen iPhone 7 concepts in the last few months. And I’m sure the new one from Czech designer Marek Weidlich will not be the last concept. But Marek takes an entirely different approach to the iPhone design. He has created an impressive iPhone 7 concept that he calls “The Vision Next.” Apple is unlikely to take such a radical approach when designing its next flagship iPhone.

iPhone 7 Concept: Will Apple Inc. Make Such A Big Jump?

iPhone 7 concept: one color, one size

Marek told Mirror that he spent the last few months imagining the evolution of iPhones and the future of Apple as a corporation. He imagines the iPhone 7 in just one color (silver), one screen size (4.7-inch) and two storage options of 64GB and 256GB. Its display covers the entire front panel of the device, allowing the company to offer a bigger display on a smaller form factor.

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Marek has included the iconic Apple home button inside the screen. The home button automatically disappears when you are playing a game or video. Recently, there have been rumors that Apple was going to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7. But Marek has kept the headphone jack on his iPhone 7 concept. He has also moved the main camera lens from the top left corner to the center of the rear panel.

The reason behind Marek’s radical design

There is a reason behind design elements he has incorporated. Marek describes in his concept video that smartphones are considered a fashion accessory, available in various sizes and color options. But he disagrees with that notion. Marek said his goal was to come up with a timeless design language that would stay fresh and relevant for several years. So, the time between iPhone design changes could be increased from two to at least four years.

This iPhone 7 concept is less about design change and more about starting from scratch. The iPhone 7 is expected to arrive in September this year with a dual-lens camera, 6mm thickness, and larger battery.

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