HP Offers Worlds Thinnest Laptop

HP announced pre-order sales for worlds thinnest laptop, The Spectre 13.3 will be coming to a lap near you very soon.

HP Offers Worlds Thinnest Laptop

Specs for the Spectre 13.3 from HP

Worlds thinnest laptop being brought to you HP, called the Spectre 13.3 is unique to the companies lineup. In fact, HP chose to unveil it not at CES or any other tech conference but at a luxury conference in Versailles. And, at 10.4mm thin, the Spectre is about as thick as a AAA battery, making it not just the skinniest PC in HP’s portfolio but the slimmest notebook on the entire market. This is the direct competition to Apple’s 12-inch MacBook, except with added bigger screen, faster processor speed and extra color options.

This machines combination of metal and carbon fiber is very thin and at 2.45 pounds, one of the lightest computers on the market.
WIth piston-style hinge allows the 13.3 inch Gorilla Glass screen to remain almost flat above the keyboard.
This HP version has a non-touch screen to keep its overall thickness to a minimum. The color options run the full offering from HP.

This remarkably skinny machine has shallow keys that retain the spring needed for many years of use. These springier keys take a pounding and give you the feel of a full size keyboard.

Additional specs

As an added touch fro the audiophile, this laptop comes with Bang & Olufsen speakers. A sure hit for any audiophile.

Powered by your choice of sixth-gen core i5 or i7 processors that can handle up to 8GB of RAM and a PCLe solid state drives with up to 512GB of storage. For such a skinny offering, HP has managed to bring you several port options; Three USB Type-C connections and two of those support Thunderbolt.

With a specialized battery that is rated for nine and a half hours of use, this machine will be a popular powerhouse when it hits the open market
The Spectre 13.3 is available for pre-order April 25th for $1,170 and up. The following month will hit your local stores such as Best Buy.
If you are feeling extra lavish, there will be the 18-karat gold and Swarovski crystal options as well. These will, of course, be special order only and not available in your local store.