Galaxy Note 6: How Can Samsung Make It An iPhone 7 Killer?

Galaxy Note 6: How Can Samsung Make It An iPhone 7 Killer?
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The Galaxy Note 6 will be the next major device release from Samsung, and the phablet is intended to compete strongly with the forthcoming iPhone 7. Galaxy Note and iPhone releases have been sandwiched extremely close together in recent years, and this is also likely to be the case in 2016, even though some sources have suggested that Samsung may push the release date of the Galaxy Note 6 forward somewhat.

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Samsung will this have its sites set squarely on the iPhone 7, so what can the Korean electronics giant include in the Galaxy Note 6 to ensure that its phablet closes the gap on the market leader?

Galaxy Note 6 Concepts

Two recent concept designs give indication of how the Korean corporation may wish to approach the Galaxy Note 6 release later this year. Metallic designs are particularly prominent in these concept images, suggesting that Samsung will continue to evolve the design of the Galaxy Note 6 when it is unveiled and released.

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It is particularly hoped that Samsung will finally introduced 4K resolution with the Galaxy Note 6. This has been rumored for several years, and the Korean company could finally deliver this coup de grâce when the phablet is released. 4K resolution is becoming increasingly mainstream, and this could encourage Samsung to include the screen resolution in its next generation phablet.

Several television broadcasters have embraced 4K resolution over the last few months, and Netflix also offers 4K content. It seems inevitable that this resolution will become a broadcast and display standard in the coming years, and Samsung would not even ultimately be the pioneer should it introduce 4K resolution in the Galaxy Note 6.

Sony has already released a 4K smartphone in the Xperia range, and the incentive is now clearly there for Samsung to follow suit. This is particularly true considering that the manufacturer is associated with high-quality displays considering its position of being the largest television seller in the world.

Additionally, it is believed that Samsung will consider introducing a six-inch display with the Galaxy Note 6, and indeed recent concept images have featured this prediction. And it is possible that Samsung could finally include the flexible display technology that it first demonstrated several years ago when the Galaxy Note 6 is released.


Samsung acknowledged the importance of camera technology earlier this year when it released the Galaxy S7, with the dual-pixel technology included in the handset greatly enhancing the capabilities of the smartphone. It is assumed that this technology – which enables superior photographs to be taken in darker conditions – will now migrate to the forthcoming Galaxy Note 6.

In order to incorporate the dual-pixel system, Samsung downgraded the megapixel quotient in the Galaxy S7. This suggests that its premium phablet may also become a 12-megapixel device, but some reports have instead suggested that Samsung will not take this step with the Galaxy Note 6. At one time, the next generation phablet was being linked with a staggering 30-megapixel shooter, but it doesn’t seem particularly likely now considering that dual-pixel will surely be embraced.

But a more modest increase to 20-megapixels is feasible, and if this could be combined with improved performance in low-light shooting conditions then Samsung will certainly have a winner on its hands.


The Galaxy Note 6 has been linked with a 3.1 GHz 16-core processor that would make the device a superbly powerful performer, and it is also likely that the phablet will embrace Samsung’s proprietary Exynos technology. However, the model of the Galaxy Note 6 intended for the Western marketplace may feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon as Samsung has resurrected its relationship with the chip manufacturer.

There will be an onus on Samsung to vastly improve the processing capabilities of the Galaxy Note 6 if it does indeed increase the resolution of the device to 4K technology. This would explain why the Galaxy Note 6 has also been linked with an incredible 16-core processor, although it seems likely that this would actually entail two bundles of octa-core units.


In accordance with this, Samsung will definitely increase the quotient of memory in the Galaxy Note 6, with some sources suggesting that this could go as high as 8GB in this smartphone. But expect the memory to be in the 6-8 GB ballpark after the Galaxy S7 received 4G earlier this year.


One area where Samsung should surely improve the Galaxy Note 6 is the storage offered by the device, with Apple currently outranking the phablet in this department. It is rumored that Apple will include a 256GB version of the iPhone 7 in its range of releases, and this could put pressure on Samsung to match this storage quotient with at least one Galaxy Note 6 device. Again, if the corporation also intends to embrace 4K video then sufficient storage space simply becomes a necessity.

Laptop features

It has been rumored that the Galaxy Note 6 will feature a unique dual-capability, meaning that the phablet can also have a keyboard attached and essentially function as a laptop. A Samsung patent has already revealed that this technology is available, and logistical considerations will decide whether it is implemented in the Galaxy Note 6.

Dual OS

In order to deliver the laptop concept, Samsung could include a dual-operating system in the Galaxy Note 6, ensuring that a Windows-based offering runs in parallel with the customary Android OS.

S Pen updates

After Apple filed a patent featuring an Apple Pencil with dual-functionality, it has already been suggested that Samsung could head it off at the pass and introduce a similar feature into the S pen in the Galaxy Note 6.

Other features

Fingerprint scanners, fast wireless charging, and micro SD support complete the list of features that Samsung could include in the Galaxy Note 6 in order to ensure that it is an iPhone 7 beater, and if all of this functionality is there indeed present in the phablet then it will truly be an outstanding device.

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  1. While yes it’s mainly meant to be a note taking tool and while typing notes is faster than writing them I personally prefer to hand write them as that’s pretty the most traditional way to take notes but I myself more as a pointing device for web browsing mainly as a way to hover over things and click on them (and yes I DO use it as writing tool but just personally not as much as using it as a pointing device).

  2. The whole point of the S-Pen isn’t those deprecated web elements. It’s to take notes and crap, which is faster done by a BlackBerry’s keyboard. I can type blind on my BlackBerry Priv’s physical keyboard. It’s kind of hard to write with an S-Pen blind.

  3. Yeah but signing a document on a mobile device is much better with an active digitizer pen and also try touching on small as heck objects, bring down drop down menus or do any kind of computer mouse like hovering on websites on a mobile web browser with any of your thumbs or fingers because trust me you’ll fail and yes you’re definitely correct about phones not having the kind of power that desktops have.

  4. My physical keyboard is good for all those things except for signing a document, which I can do with my finger and drawing, which is better done on a Wacom drawing tablet attached to a full desktop because a mobile device simply doesn’t have the power to do what a desktop can do.

  5. It’s there because not only can you use it like a mouse (adding a level of level of precision that allows you to touch even the smallest icons and it even allows you to hover over thing to) but it’s also there because there because there are certain times when typing isn’t just simply appropriate like signing a document, drawing, taking notes, and highlighting.

  6. That’s a matter of opinion. The spen adds nothing. My physical keyboard is faster than the spen too. I have a Note 8.0, and a BlackBerry Priv. I would know.

  7. Yeah they’re pretty boring looking but that doesn’t that using them is boring (at least the Note phone aren’t boring to play with thanks to the S Pen).

  8. Yet the iPhone 6S does better in benchmarks and everyday usage because Samsung are a bunch of kids with crayons scribbling all over Android and bogging it down. Apple have shown specs aren’t everything, and they’ve proven it by having a phone which performs better than a phone with double the RAM. And a 4K screen on a phone? The Song Xperia Z5 Premium was a bomb, and on that size, 4K is the most unnecessary feature to put on it. The Note 5 didnt have great battery life so what’s the point in upping the resolution. My laptop is only 2K, which is pin sharp. Why do some OEMS insist on having a pixel race and destroying their batteries?

  9. Who gives a rip about the Iphone 7 other than neckbearded hispters or teenagers. Note series of phones have always been in a group by itself. I would love to see a 4k Samoled display with Android N, 256gb storage option, and micro sd back. That alone would bury the Iphone 7 spec wise. The iphone still doesn’t even have wireless charging and would charge at least $1000 for a 256gb storage option which is laughable.

  10. Many high end specifications have been mentioned but nowhere improvements about audio features is being stressed. I returned my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as I was not happy with the audio quality. Spending so much for a high-end phone but with poor audio features, just ridiculous. I feel Samsung should pay some attention towards upgrading it’s audio features.

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