Galaxy Note 6 Concept Features Curves For Days

Galaxy Note 6 Concept Features Curves For Days
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The Galaxy Note 6 isn’t expected to be unveiled for months, but like with the iPhone 7, we’ll have to keep hearing about it until Samsung finally unveils it. At least this time we have a very attractive concept to review with not only a curved display but also a curved front and back.

Galaxy Note 6 expected to have curved display

Concept Phones picked up the concept, which comes from artist Metti Farhang. It’s safe to sum up this concept with the phrase “curves for days.” The front and back edges are curved, and the backing looks metallic, so Concept Phones suggests that “maybe it’s something original like glass made to look like metal… or maybe just metal.”

It features a massive six-inch 4K, full or quad HD display and a dual camera system with 16-megapixel and 12-megapixel cameras. The Galaxy Note 6 concept has 6 gigabytes of RAM and comes in 64-, 128- and 256-gigabyte storage options. It also has a massive 5,000 mAh battery and an iris scanner to go with the fingerprint scanner. You may remember that Samsung executives have said in the past that they’re working on an iris scanner to include in future smartphones, so its inclusion isn’t really a stretch.

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Farhang also included a USB Type C connector on the concept. The stylus also retains the clicky end that was introduced last year with the Galaxy Note 5.

The latest Galaxy Note 6 rumors

While this is just an idea for the Galaxy Note 6, it’s certainly a classy one, but here are some of the rumors we’ve heard about the phablet. Samsung’s next great smartphone is expected to land in stores in mid-July, which is particularly interesting because this is much earlier than past Note models have landed on store shelves. Of course this could help Samsung beat Apple’s next phablet, the iPhone 7 Plus (or the iPhone Pro, depending on who you ask).

It’s believed that the Galaxy Note 6 will also bring back the micro SD card slot that disappeared in recent Samsung phones because fans were disappointed when Samsung nixed it. It’s already back in the Galaxy S7, so it follows that the Galaxy Note 6 will get one as well.

Other rumors suggest 6 gigabytes or RAM and a 4,000 mAh battery. It could also be the first Samsung device with a 4K resolution display, and that display could stretch to six inches as the above concept suggested. Bezels could help the Note 6 slim down a bit, and the camera is expected to feature the dual-pixel tech that’s in the Galaxy S7.

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