How To Access Facebook (Secret) Hidden Message Inboxes

How To Access Facebook (Secret) Hidden Message Inboxes

If you didn’t know about this like myself until recently you are in for a shock! It turns out that Facebook has a relatively unknown feature where all filtered inbox messages go to never be seen again! In-fact it turns out there are actually two inboxes.

So if you’ve ever wondered where a message disappeared to or a friend swore they sent you that message, you will probably find it here. Here is how to make sure you get all your messages from today on wards.

How to Find those Hidden Inboxes

Message Requests: A quick way to get to the filtered inbox is to click on the Facebook message icon on the top of the home page and then click click “Message Requests”.

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This “Message Requests” inbox will be hiding a treasure trove of new images that you probably will not have seen, usually they are from people who are not friends or family. Don’t be overly surprised if it is full of junk it has to go somewhere!

Filtered Requests: There’s more! There is a third set of images which have been filtered by Facebook for some reason which seems to be unknown to anyone and I mean anyone. You can see them by clicking on to “filtered requests”

More Button: Another way to see these lost, but soon to be found messages is to click the more button at the top right of the message options and from the newly appeared dropdown menu click “Filtered”.

But what about Facebook Mobile App Users?

Don’t be concerned I have not forgotten about the mobile messaging app, luckily if you prefer to use it over a laptop or desktop there is a way for you to access those mysterious hidden messages too, read on to find out how.

Now with these following instructions it does not matter whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, or using an iPad or Android tablet it will work the same for you.

On either operating system start by tapping “People” and then on the following screen look for “Message Requests” so that you are able to see the first list of hidden messages. Now scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select the option “See Filtered Requests” this will enable you to see even more messages.

You should now be seeing all those long lost messages which you may or may not want or care about seeing.


Having followed these instructions myself both on the mobile messaging app and on my desktop it is clear to see why Facebook has decided to hide some messages. Basically because it does not have a spam or junk mail folder it just hides what it considers to be either from view. It is just unfortunate that some messages which are worthy of viewing or are time sensitive get lost in what is a messaging black hole.

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