According to Ogilvy and Tubular Labs, 725 of the 1,000 most popular Facebook videos in Q1 were freebooted re-uploads. They accounted for a total of 17 billion views.

Now that Rights Manager has been introduced it will be welcomed by content owners who have previously criticized Facebook for its lack of effort to protect their material. Destin Sandlin, creator of the SmarterEveryDay YouTube channel, is one such user.

Sandlin says that a friend got 5 million views on one video over a four year period. However a freebooted version got 5 million views in four days. “Facebook ran ads on five million views of Flula’s video and made money off it,” he says.

Herein lies one potential problem with Rights Manager, namely that it doesn’t let content owners monetize re-uploads by charging for them. YouTube’s Content ID, on the other hand, lets you bill organizations that re-upload your videos.

As a result there will be no financial reward for keeping track of freebooting on Facebook.