Domino’s Introduces Zero-Click Pizza App

Domino’s Introduces Zero-Click Pizza App

Domino’s Pizza has now made it even easier to order a pizza with the introduction of a zero-touch app.In an age when more and more people are concerned with eating healthily and going to the gym, Domino’s is staging a fightback and encouraging people to order pizzas. The company already introduced an on-demand button in the past, and now it’s latest innovation is an app that you don’t even have to touch in order to place your order.

Domino’s makes it even easier to indulge your pizza craving

Domino’s zero-touch app works in the simplest way possible. Simply open the app and wait for ten seconds. After this time has elapsed your order will have been placed. No clicking, no fuss.

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Time is precious and Domino’s has come up with the best way of saving you valuable seconds. Some people may think that it’s driven by laziness, but others would prefer that you thought of it as efficiency.

Domino’s has garnered something of a reputation for its innovative pizza ordering techniques. Twitter users could “tweet to order,” while owners of the Amazon Echo could simply speak to their connected speaker to place an order.

Zero-click app could lead to “butt-dial” deliveries

The zero-click app is the simplest method yet. Aside from logging in to access the app when you use it the first time, it does not require any human interaction at all. Anyone who has ever called someone by accident when they weren’t paying attention will realize the potential for accidental pizza orders, and for this reason there is a 10 second countdown before your order is placed.

If you don’t stop the timer before that, your pizza is ordered with the nearest Domino’s location. It really couldn’t be any easier unless the company came up with a way to telepathically communicate your desire for pizza. 

Some internet users have criticized the system as it does not let you choose which kind of pizza you want to order. The app could have included 2-3 buttons for your favorite kinds of pizza, but then it wouldn’t be able to claim that it was “zero-click.”

Rather than a practical system for ordering a pizza it seems like the app is another marketing stunt from the company.

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