The Death Tax

The Death Tax
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The Death Tax The Economics of Death: Crash Course Econ #30

Published on Apr 16, 2016

We need to have a talk about your future. You’re going to die. We all are. And it’s probably going to be expensive. This week on CC Econ, Adriene is talking about the economics of death. Some of the expense is tied to the cost of end-of-life health care, but funerals are a big business, too.

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Death Tax

0:00hi I’m Adrian help this is crash course economics and today we need to have a
0:04little talk about a subject that most people try to avoid death we’re all
0:08going to die now I know from our demographic analytics that most of you
0:12are young and your statistically likely to live quite a bit longer but it’s
0:17still gonna happen someday and how and when we die has some significant
0:21economic impacts so let’s listen to the crash course on watch the credits have a
0:26school existential crisis and then we’ll get down to the economics of death
0:37let me start by pointing out that my co-host Jacob isn’t anything Canada
0:44where he’s writing a textbook and making me cum videos for his YouTube channel
0:47ac/dc leadership and probably still wearing ECDC belt buckles everyday now a
0:54couple of disclaimers one this is not crash course philosophy we’re not gonna
0:58get into the moral issues surrounding death we don’t know