Blink: How To Get iPhone Alerts When Your Mac Wakes Or Sleeps

Blink: How To Get iPhone Alerts When Your Mac Wakes Or Sleeps

If you are a Mac owner you probably often find yourself concerned for the security of this expensive device. Yes, you have a password set up, so that no one can easily use it when you have no choice but to leave it at home or in the office, but what if family members or an unscrupulous work colleague attempts to make use of your Mac without you knowing, how would you know?

Up until rather recently the answer to that question would have been, there is no way to know. However, now thanks to a small piece of software called Blink, which you download and install onto your Mac from the Mac App Store it is possible to know when your Mac is switched on and turned off.

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How do is Work?

Blink is an interesting application that will send you with an alert directly to your iPhone, iPad and even an Apple Watch. However, to do this, you will need to purchase the companion app that corresponds to the device you need the alerts sent to. This companion software cost $0.99 and is available from the iOS App Store.

Syncing your Mac and iPhone

Here’s how to get blink on your Mac and set it up however, before downloading make sure both of your devices are compatible with Bluetooth low energy.

Blink: How To Get iPhone Alerts When Your Mac Wakes Or Sleeps

  1. Go to the Apple App Store and enter Blink into the top right search box.
  2. Click “Get” download the app called “Blink – be notified when your computer wakes or sleeps”.
  3. Next click install app and sign in with your Apple ID.
  4. Once installed, click the open button, which is in the same place as the download and install buttons were.
  5. In order to find the app on your Mac go to the applications folder and double click the app to open it.

How to Configure Blink

In this next step I will tell you how to configure the Blink app to work directly with your iPhone, however, at this point you should have Blink installed on both the Mac and iPhone.

  1. Once the app is running, look to the left of the WiFi symbol at the top of the screen and you will see Blink. Move your cursor over it and you will see various options.
  2. Now make sure both your Mac and iPhone have Bluetooth switched on and click find device.
  3. Once both devices are paired you are ready to test the app.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have Blink installed on your Mac and iPhone don’t be surprised when you discover that it is not the most feature-some of apps. Its developers have designed it to run quietly in the background never to get in your way. Furthermore, Blink will now alert you to any attempt to circumvent the security you have in place, without the would-be illicit user ever knowing your Mac was communicating with its owner.

(Download: Blink for Mac from the Mac App Store)
(Download: Blink for iPhone and iPad from the iOS App Store)

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