Author of My Electrician Drives a Porsche Talks Copper and Teslas

Author of My Electrician Drives a Porsche Talks Copper and Teslas

Author of My Electrician Drives a Porsche Talks Copper and Teslas

Published on Mar 14, 2016

Gianni Kovacevic talks about his best-selling book My Electrician Drives a Porsche, which focuses on the rise of the new spending class and the ramifications of people consuming too much energy. The author also talks about his 20-year obsession with copper and its relationship to energy.

0:00we are at the PDAC and yes I am inside a test line with the author of my
0:05electrician drives a Porsche johnnie kovacevic joins us now dennis Gartman
0:09has been praising the book has been making a splash in investment community
0:12johnnie thanks so much for joining us thanks for having me
0:15welcome to Toronto thank you all my first question is why attested when
0:19you’re talking Porsche year as people will see the title makes you want to buy
0:24the book but it has nothing to do with fast cars it has everything to do with
0:28appreciating and understanding the rise of the new spending class and more
0:33importantly the ramifications all these people consuming things consuming energy
0:38using stuff commodities agriculture technology greener and cleaner energy
0:43and a lot about this car but Tesla Model S
0:48you consider yourself a realistic environmentalist right so we’re at a
0:52mining conference on environment in mind or really go hand in hand so why why
0:57well I’m gonna drive this tussle across America to talk about exactly that what
1:02does it mean to be a realistic environmentalists so we look at the
1:05changing energy mix understanding the winners and losers so in that balance
1:10the winners are the things that we’re gonna have a higher amplitude usage of
1:14the adoption of clean energy and I like to tell people that the greener and
1:19cleaner that we create new less energy
1:21the more that is demanded of electricity and Internet is electricity so if you
1:26look at all those things that make it possible and of course copper plays a
1:29very important role in that relationship right so it seems copper is that is that
1:34is the main denominator let’s talk a little bit about your your fascination
1:38and love for copper hear ya it is a twenty-year obsession I’ve invested over
1:4320,000 hours in the relationship of energy and copper no energy is not much
1:50just boil we’re talking about all fossil fuels and namely electricity that’s why
1:54in this book it’s a millennial electrician who enlightens his family
1:59doctor they live in seattle is the baby boomer and they go on a page-turning
2:03adventure of enlightened
2:05to understand what does it take and the electrician says he won the lottery
2:09three times one because he entered the workforce in the mid-nineteen ninety’s
2:13during the the communication and computer revolution to he lives between
2:17Seattle and Vancouver world tablet computers in a world traveler resources
2:21and of course he chose electrical studies which would then lead into the
2:25modern-day decarbonisation of the energy mix which is of course electricity your
2:30book has been making a splash as I said dennis Gartman praising the book you
2:34know I was at laguardia traveling at a Toronto a seat on the bookshelves in
2:37airports it’s your first the book so what made you decide to leave your
2:43background in engineering and then pursue this will work as a hobby and the
2:47hobby turned out pretty good so I presented it to really publishing at
2:50Austin Texas they loved the book and with that we get a big editorial lift
2:55and it’s been well received it is in fact that all American airports across
2:59across the nation and that’s another reason why I’m gonna drive from here in
3:04Toronto all the way through the state’s ending at the Tesla headquarters on
3:08around make
3:09engaging with people societies endowments government corporates TV
3:15print radio media to talk about all these things you must know about the US
3:18alone has the book I don’t know if he’s ready yet and so he WC outside his
3:24headquarters will be there so the PDAC so what do you mean message with you
3:30want people to walk away with here I want them to walk away with the ability
3:34for us as a as an industry to inspire a generation of young people to embrace
3:40STEM fields science technology engineering and math mister cool and
3:45it’s it’s the future so when we do it in a presentable way a memorable way that’s
3:51why the book is this novel
3:53you get all this information but at the same time it’s more memorable and more
3:57really resonates with people by having this perspective of a reversal of roles
4:02where the younger person in lightens the thought antiquated baby boomer who never
4:07had a passport finally start traveling johnnie thanks so much for the first
4:10time ever done an interview from inside a car
4:13chest muscle thank you so much and politicians drives a Porsche recommend
4:16everyone go and get it thanks so much to me thank you come discover the world’s
4:25greatest geological potential
4:33potential is your opportunity

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