Apple Inc. vs. Google: Who Is The World’s Most Traded Company? [Chart]

Apple vs. Google: Who Is The World’s Most Traded Company? by

With Apple and Google both set to report earnings in the coming days, Alphabet–Google’s parent company–will be hoping to once again exceed expectations and displace Apple as the world’s most valuable publicly traded company.

Earlier this year Alphabet blew away Q4 expectations with $21.3 billion in revenue and earnings of $8.67 per share, so that hours after its report, the company’s market cap jumped to $558 billion bypassing Apple, which at that time sat at the top of the heap with a market cap of $535 billion.

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Although this didn’t last long, it was the first time Google had managed to come in ahead of Apple. However, how does this affect which stock is more popular among investors?

Well, can can reveal that irrespective of what earning are reported this week or indeed who holds the status of ‘most valuable stock’, it is still very much Apple that is the most popularly traded and monitored company around the world.

Apple vs. Google

Using data from over 13 million monthly users in all 196 countries throughout the world the above map showcases Apple’s dominance over it’s closest counterpart around the world.

Out of 196 countries, an overwhelming 161 are still more interested in investing with Apple, including the likes of the U.S., UK, Russia, Germany, China and Japan.