How To Access The Secret Inbox In Facebook

Most of us spend hours on Facebook every day. The social networking platform has so many features that you may still not be aware of all of them, including a few important ones. There is a secret inbox in Facebook Messenger that you may not know about. And it may contain important messages from old friends and others who are not connected with you on Facebook.

Facebook filters a lot of messages out as spam

Essentially, it contains spam messages. But sometimes messages that you’d actually want to read end up in this inbox. When someone you are not friends with on the world’s largest social media platform sends you a message, it appears in the “Message Requests.” The Menlo Park-based company notifies you only if its robots “think” you might know the person.

All other messages are filtered out as spam. What if some of those spam messages aren’t spam? Follow these steps to access such messages:

  • Open Facebook Messenger
  • Go to Settings in the top right corner
  • Click on People
  • Select Message Requests
  • Below the messages there, you’ll see a link called “See filtered messages”

Check out your filtered messages

That’s where you are likely to find boatloads of unsolicited messages. But the filtered messages may also contain messages from people you care about. When I opened my filtered messages, most were spam (including links to porn videos). But I was surprised to find a couple of messages from my childhood friends who had joined Facebook only recently. I had ignored them for months because I never knew there was also a third, secret inbox.

You should check out your filtered messages box, too. You may be surprised to find a few messages from people you care about, buried in a boatload of spam. Turns out, Mark Zuckerberg’s spam filtering robot isn’t accurate, though it does a pretty good job keeping spammers away.