Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Which Game Console Is Popular In US?

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Which Game Console Is Popular In US?
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It’s a war that’s raged on amongst the gaming communities for decades; which console is top dog? via Declutter blog

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Forget Trump or Clinton; we wanted to find out just where America stands on these two gaming goliaths. Is it Xbox One or PS4?

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 – Going head to head

The dispute over consoles came to a head in November 2013, when the PS4 and Xbox One were unveiled to the world, just seven days apart.

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PS4 might be killing it with worldwide sales at 35.9million to Xbox One’s 20million, but what’s the situation at home? Using Google Search Data we looked at which states searched the most for which console: PS4 or Xbox One.

Surprisingly, it turns out we aren’t as torn on our gaming searches as our politics, with the US-made Xbox One topping the list in every state. That’s aside from one very important state in the gaming and tech world.

Home to Silicon Valley, California is the spiritual home of technology. It seems Californians are all about their PS4. Is there something developers and tech pioneers know that we don’t? Are Apple, Google and Tesla employees deliberately choosing a console that won’t see money going into Microsoft pockets?

Brand Loyalty

We also investigated which brand is the most popular overall.

Launched in December 1994, PlayStation had an almost seven year advantage to become the favorite gaming brand.

However, despite being launched in November 2001, our research suggests Xbox is still the most popular in the US, with PlayStation topping the searches in just 15 of the 50 states.

Interestingly it seems PlayStation terms are searched more in certain areas, such as the West Coast, topping the polls in California, Oregon and Nevada. Which is a similar story in the South East states such as Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

It also topped the polls in metropolitan cities New York and Washington, whereas Xbox dominated the searches across the majority of the east and Central America.

So there it is America.

The Nerdy Bit

Research was carried out on 03/03/2016

Terms researched were:


Xbox 360

Xbox One


PlayStation 2

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4

PlayStation Portable





We used the Google Keyword Planning Tool to get an estimated number of searches for each of the above terms on a state by state basis.

Search trends data covers the last 12 months of searches, giving the average number of searches per term.

For the device map, the devices with the highest overall average number of searches was considered to be the most searched.

For the brand map, searches for the relevant products were aggregated on a state by state basis across the two brands.

State Device Brand
Alabama Xbox One Playstation
Alaska Xbox One Xbox
Arizona Xbox One Xbox
Arkansas Xbox One Xbox
California PS4 Playstation
Colorado Xbox One Playstation
Connecticut Xbox One Xbox
Delaware Xbox One Xbox
Florida Xbox One Playstation
Georgia Xbox One Playstation
Hawaii Xbox One Xbox
Idaho Xbox One Xbox
Illinois Xbox One Playstation
Indiana Xbox One Xbox
Iowa Xbox One Xbox
Kansas Xbox One Xbox
Kentucky Xbox One Xbox
Louisiana Xbox One Playstation
Maine Xbox One Xbox
Maryland Xbox One Playstation
Massachusetts Xbox One Playstation
Michigan Xbox One Xbox
Minnesota Xbox One Xbox
Mississippi Xbox One Playstation
Missouri Xbox One Xbox
Montana Xbox One Xbox
Nebraska Xbox One Playstation
Nevada Xbox One Playstation
New Hampshire Xbox One Xbox
New Jersey Xbox One Xbox
New Mexico Xbox One Xbox
New York Xbox One Playstation
North Carolina Xbox One Xbox
North Dakota Xbox One Xbox
Ohio Xbox One Xbox
Oklahoma Xbox One Xbox
Oregon Xbox One Playstation
Pennsylvania Xbox One Xbox
Rhode Island Xbox One Xbox
South Carolina Xbox One Xbox
South Dakota Xbox One Xbox
Tennessee Xbox One Playstation
Texas Xbox One Xbox
Utah Xbox One Xbox
Vermont Xbox One Xbox
Virginia Xbox One Xbox
Washington Xbox One Xbox
West Virginia Xbox One Xbox
Wisconsin Xbox One Xbox
Wyoming Xbox One Xbox

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  1. Xbox one is the best console available. Unless you want to spend $400 for a ps4.5 so the morons can count a few more pixels…oh an another $500 for a gimmick VR with some of the dumbest looking games I have ever seen. Sony is robbing their fan base blind to stay out of bankruptcy…never will I but a Sony product again.

  2. so… the uneducated poor support Xbox and the educated wealthy support Playstation, where the educated poor support PC and the uneducated wealthy support Apple. I see.

  3. I would say on sales alone of course from what we know the PS4 had a sizeable lead but from this article and others I’ve read over the past year…more gamers are playing online with xbox games than PS4…there are better and more AAA exclusives on X1 than P4…and some of the cross platform titles including the continued backward compatibility option seem to be a determined factor..newer larger titles tend to sway towards P4 but only in terms of exclusive dlc content but also vice versa at times…that may all change as bigger exclusives for p4 will be released throughout 2016.

  4. I imagine so lol Tho if Sony decides to follow suit with Microsoft by allowing online play though all consoles it really won’t matter which console you get aside from each consoles exclusives. Tho I kinda doubt they will for obvious reasons.

  5. Or we can look up NPD data which shows the PS4 has a million unit lead over the Xbone in the US.

    Xbox fanboys on Twitter like ohimlaughin are going to have to find another straw to cling to.

  6. So true on all accounts for me as well. I have 1 friend with an XBone, and everyone else has ps4. The XBone friend now has a ps4 because he was lonely :p

  7. Complete opposite for me. Ridiculous amount of PS4 owners where I live and very few XB1s. And everyone is a Sony fan boy which is funny b/c most of them were xbox fanboys in the previous generation.

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