Xbox One Fans Can Now Buy Two New Controllers

Microsoft has announced the surprise release of two special edition Xbox One controllers to be known as Copper Shadow and Dusk Shadow.

The two controllers feature new visual designs, copper-to-black gradient and blue-to-black gradient. Microsoft has released special edition controllers before, featuring blended colors and patterns, but the faded gradient is a first, writes Horia Ungureanu for Tech Times.

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Xbox One controllers now available in two different colorways

Microsoft says that it has listened to Xbox One users’ calls for different controller options, with Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, programming director for Xbox Live, saying that gamers “value choice.”

Those in the United States can get the Copper variant from the Microsoft Store, and GameStop. The Dusk Shadow version will be available from the company store and Best Buy, but only for a limited period of time. Both colorways will cost $69.99.

Other than the new colors, the controllers are the same as the existing Xbox One Wireless Controller. They feature Impulse Triggers, an enhanced D-pad, 3.5mm stereo headset jack and responsive thumbsticks.

Microsoft keeping up tradition of special editions

The trim and buttons are full black, with letter buttons in the hue of your choice. You can place pre-orders now but it is not clear when the exact release date will be. GameStop says that Copper Shadow will be released March 24, while Microsoft says it will be out on March 22.

Dark Shadow controllers will be available from Best Buy by April 10, but a number of countries will get them earlier including Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil and Canada. Other global markets will have to wait slightly longer.

It seems like a strange idea to spend that much money on a new controller, unless your old ones are broken. Microsoft says it is responding to gamers’ wishes, so presumably the demand is there for a slightly different colored controller that offers no technical upgrades.

The new controllers follow on from lats year’s special editions, a trio of controllers inspired by military camouflage. The three were named Midnight Forces, Armed Forces and Covert Forces. If the standard controller isn’t good enough for you, you can get the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller for $149.99.