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Warren Buffett on why he supports Hillary Clinton for president

Warren Buffett on why he supports Hillary Clinton for president

Published on Mar 5, 2016

Warren Buffett explains why he believes Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to improve the lives of hardworking Americans.

0:00good morning five years ago not 1930 and the longest day of my life was the day I
0:05was born in the United States today
0:08GDP per capita is a full $56,000 that’s not per household per family that’s per
0:16person $56,000 in real terms that’s six times what it was when I was born in the
0:24United States was a leading economy and in the world at that time and if you’d
0:29told my parents in nineteen dirty you told them it was going to be six times
0:34and 15 or so per cent of the population was going to be living in poverty and
0:39the people were willing to work and able to work and did work 40 hours a week
0:45would not be able to keep the family in decent shape they would not believe that
0:49they would not
0:52been able to foresee anything but a utopia for this country had those
0:56circumstances the question is can we make the so that america works for
1:01everybody who’s willing to work in Secretary Clinton we have a woman who’s
1:07going to use the brains
1:09and that energy
1:11with an incredible devotion to making sure the people
1:17america worked for them
1:20that are not show us why
1:24I’m delighted that she’s going to be the next president of states

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