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VALUEx Book Recommendations Required For The 2016 Conference [Slides]

VALUEx Book Recommendations From 2015 To 2016 by Guy Spier

The is the book list that Guy Spier and John Mihaljevic put together after polling members of the VALUEx Community for which books they recommended as required reading for the VALUEx 2016 conference.

VALUEx Book Recommendations

Our two book recommendations are:

VALUEx – The most recommended books

4 Mentions

3 Mentions

Published in 2015:

VALUEx Book recommendations by each Individual:

Paul Tschischik

Thomas Haarmann

Kanav Sharma

Jose Rodriguez Roth

Tomislav Kovalisko

Peter Lucas

Rahul Parikh

Marcello Solida

Qi Wen

Sean Sacks

Henrique Lamim

Michael Lewellen

Viet-Dung Duong

Pavel Kadera

Idan Genad

Jin Wang

Rajesh Vora

The Intuitive Investor by Jason Apollo Voss

Nhu Anh Mai

Michal Sujka

Denis Kosor

  • Small Giants by Bo Burlingham
  • The Outsiders by William N. Thorndike
  • The Dhandho Investor by Mohnish Pabrai

Arturo Pina

Chin-Kai Yeh

Ted Briggs

  • Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Harman Patial

VALUEx Book Recommendations Required For The 2016 Conference  [Slides]

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