Tesla Uses Natural Gas-Powered Ferry To Ship Model S To Norway

Tesla Uses Natural Gas-Powered Ferry To Ship Model S To Norway
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Tesla, carrying forward its eco-friendly image, has entered into an agreement with Norwegian shipping company Nor Lines to ship its cars using a natural gas-powered ferry. Naturally, shipping the cars by sea will significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared to the traditional methods of using diesel-powered transporters. On March 29, the first shipment of 79 Model S sedans arrived on the west coast of Norway.

Tesla: different than others

Tesla and Nor Lines have been in negotiations for quite some time, and the major factor that won the electric car maker over seems to have been the fact that the ships use liquid natural gas instead of heavy bunker oil.

In an interview with Norway’s PursuitGreen, Nor Lines representative Anders Sandvik said, “I don’t think we would have crossed the finish line as easily if the ships were run on heavy oil.”

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The voyage will be followed up with a full complement of cargo headed south on the return voyage. Sandvik told the website that there was a time when the ship sailed home empty, but now they have a delivery of 79 cars combined with regular line traffic.

“With all the other goods we have on board, that results in good utilization of vessels and line structure,” he said

Sandvik praises Tesla for choosing Nor Lines to ship its electric cars.

“I think it is wonderful that Tesla dares to be a little different than the traditional commodity owner. They really take the environment seriously and actively seek to minimize their carbon footprint. I miss such vigor in other industries today,” Sandvik says.

Arrangement with Tesla almost by accident

When last fall, Sandvik bought a Tesla Model S, it made him aware of their unused capacity at the port of Drammen.

“I didn’t think it made any sense for cars going to western and northern Norway through a port in the east of the country,” the representative said.

With this in mind, Sandvik got in touch with the electric car maker, and the negotiations started.

“In January we took up the thread again and now we are ready for the first pilot project.”

Initially, the automaker was concerned about getting the cars on time and if they were in safe hands. But Sandwik assured them that he would do it, and then Tesla accepted Nor Lines’ proposal and pricing structure. Nor Lines is hoping that Tesla will ship 40 to 50 cars a week from Bremerhaven, Germany straight to Norway, thus eliminating the need for hundreds of truck shipments every year.

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