Tesla May Use Google Glass Enterprise Edition In Its Factory

Tesla May Use Google Glass Enterprise Edition In Its Factory
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Tesla may use Google Glass going forward in its factory. APX Labs, one of Google’s Glass at Work partners, reportedly mentioned on its site that it signed the Model S maker as its client. It may not be wrong to assume that the latest unannounced Glass hardware will be put to use at the Fremont factory to increase productivity.

Factory of the future

Google Glass Enterprise Edition has been the focus of reports for quite some time now, and now it seems that soon it will be out in the field. For quite some time, it was being suspected that Tesla intends to modernize its Fremont factory, but there was no confirmation of it until now.

Though APX Labs’ solutions span across a variety of wearable devices, chances are that Tesla is deploying Google Glass units at its Fremont factory. Also it is very likely that the new Enterprise Edition units are the ones being deployed. These units feature a robust hinge, waterproofing, and internal spec bumps that have been covered in many reports before.

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APX Labs’ website had various images of Tesla’s Fremont factory with text laid atop that suggested that its software is the “secret to the factory of the future,” but those images are no longer available on the website, says a report from 9to5 Google. It seems that APX is referring to Tesla’s Fremont factory as the factory of the future.

Tesla and Google Glass connected?

APX Labs’ website had yet another photo which was publicly visible for quite some time until it was removed. It serves as one more piece of evidence. Multiple black Tesla Model S vehicles could be seen in the image, which also has a screenshot from APX’s Skylight software in the top right-hand corner.

Old Glass users must be familiar with this view; the device has the capability of capturing similar shots called Vignettes. One of the images from the software shows a vehicle’s VIN number and the various options available to a factory worker to act on.

APX Labs made a Glass promotional video in collaboration with Google that is unreleased for now, but people at 9to5 Google have seen it. The video released last year showed Tesla employees using the older Google Glass Explorer Edition to demo APX Labs’ enterprise wearable software Skylight.

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