Sears Holdings – Kmart Is Bringing Fun Back To Shopping!

Sears Holdings – Kmart Is Bringing Fun Back To Shopping! by SHC Speaks

Have you recently shopped at a Kmart store or seen one of our new Kmart commercials? If you have, hopefully you’ve noticed the new look and feel of our brand. Our brand transformation at Kmart is all about bringing the fun back to the shopping experience. To infuse fun, we changed the look of our signage, introduced Freebie Saturdays – which have brought so much fun and energy into our stores – and reintroduced the beloved Bluelight Special and our iconic tagline, “Attention Kmart Shoppers.”

As a continuation of the effort to bring fun back to shopping, we’ve recently introduced a new series of t-shirts to our store associates as part of their dress code. The shirts are “Bluelight” blue and have five different sayings on the back. The sayings are a fun spin on pop culture aimed at getting our members and associates talking.

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Our focus is to bring the brand to life through everything we do. Our store teams and associates are energized and excited to show our members what we mean when we say, “Shopping is fun again!” We encourage you to shop our stores and see for yourself. Don’t be alarmed if we’re having too much fun!


Sears Holdings – Kmart

Check out the new shirts you’ll see store associates wearing at Kmart.

Here are the five pop culture sayings you’ll see on the back of the blue “Attention Kmart Shoppers” shirts.

One of our store associates modeling the newly rolled out blue “Attention Kmart Shopper” shirt.

Even our Kmart executives are joining in on the fun!

Our corporate associates love the new blue “Attention Kmart Shopper” t-shirts.