Obama Praises Tech Firms For Digital Security But Neglects Apple

Obama Praises Tech Firms For Digital Security But Neglects Apple
White House (Pete Souza) [Public domain]

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) strives to offer the best possible security in terms of digital data, and the ongoing FBI case against the company clearly proves that. The agency tried getting into the iPhone that belonged to one of the San Bernardino terrorists but could not do so because Apple’s security was protecting it. However, this is not sufficient to impress President Obama, who during his talk about online security and the role tech companies will be playing, completely ignored Apple.

Obama neglects Apple

“With the help of companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Visa we’re going to empower Americans to be able to help themselves and make sure that they are safe online with an extra layer of security, like a fingerprint or a code sent to your cellphone,” Obama said.

There are plenty of modern devices that have these features, and Apple’s iPhone is one of them. A point worth noting is that Apple is among the first few companies that implemented fingerprint sensors in its smartphones. When delivering his speech, not even once did Obama mention the FBI or the San Bernardino case. He discussed his new initiatives concerning online security and the Cybersecurity National Action Plan or the CNAP.

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Obama did give an explanation on exactly how these companies will improve online safety for Americans, aside from fingerprint sensors and two-factor authentication, but he implied that to protect their online security, his administration will not opt for Apple’s security expertise.

Bolstering online security vital

Obama said that keeping America safe does not mean we need to add more tanks or aircraft carriers: “not just a matter of bolstering our security on the ground.” Bolstering the nation’s security online is also important. Obama said it has been seen in the past few years that cyber-threats are potentially harmful to national security, the nation’s financial security and the privacy of millions of Americans.

Obama said that the budget for cyber-security has gone up to more than $19 billion after being supplemented by more than one-third. He informed listeners that the administration is considering creating the first-ever Federal Chief Information Security Officer or CISO and updating old infrastructure to face modern online threats.

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