iPhone SE Specs, Price And Release Date [RUMORS]

iPhone SE Specs, Price And Release Date [RUMORS]
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Only a couple more weeks of Apple iPhone rumors, I promise. This happens every year and I’m happy to write about them as they don’t require much in the way of research and, most certainly, don’t require much in the way of fact checking as they aren’t facts but rather simply rumors. So what will we see from the iPhone SE (if that is, indeed, its real name)?

Ming-Chi Kuo is a pretty established Apple leaker

The analysts who has, on a number of occasions, shown he possesses a pretty good acumen for leaking ahead of Apple releases, has recently switched his sights to the iPhone SE. That phone was once believed by many to be released in a couple weeks time under the name iPhone 5SE as it’s meant to resemble the iPhone 5s in appearance.

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Hell, it’s even been called the iPhone 7 Mini, before iPhone 6C and iPhone 7C were bandied about by the tech press.

Kuo is calling for the iPhone SE and its 4-inch screen to cost $399 or $499 for the 16GB and 64GB models respectively.

TechnoBuffalo believes this sounds about right are saying that at this price point the “iPhone line-up would suddenly provide compelling options for budget smartphones buyers, who will have been sticking with Android and Windows Phone until now.”

Kuo’s recent research note says that the iPhone SE will have a 12-megapixel camera, and an A9 chipset and an NFC chip for Apple Pay. But, Kuo has ruled out 3D Touch which is also what French website NWE is reporting based on pictures that purport to be the internals of the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE rumors abound, and they are just that..rumors

People can’t even agree when this phone will be unveiled along with other Apple products. Most media outlets are calling for a reveal on March 15 with the lone dissent going to Re/code, which is calling for a reveal on March 21. This, however, would be a strange date as Apple is due back in court on March 22 to continue to challenge a court order to open the iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernandino shooters.

Essentially, Apple could impress the world with the iPhone SE only to have this “good news” get overshadowed by its unwillingness to open the phone and the government’s insistence that Apple doesn’t care about the safety of Americans.

While Apple largely has the support of most tech leaders and privacy advocates, Donald Trump believes that Apple should be forced to comply and if the last few months have shown us nothing, is that for some reason that I simply can’t put my head around, people actually listen to this muppet despite a perfectly factual, funny and informative tear-down of this demagogue by John Oliver recently.

iPhone SE design

From leaked photos, the phone is likely to resemble the iPhone 5s but will feature curved edges.

Essentially, the preponderance of evidence, excuse me rumors, are calling for the an iPhone 5s in appearance with the best of the iPhone 6 that will fit inside the casing.

One way or the other, it’s nearly certain that Apple has a lower-priced, small screen, new version of the iPhone ready for launch and that that launch will occur in San Francisco within the next 20 days. Short of that I can promise you that this will not be the last time I write of the rumors that will swirl around this phone until Apple actually shows it to us.

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