iPhone 7 Leak Will Make Some Happy, Also Disappoint

iPhone 7 Leak Will Make Some Happy, Also Disappoint
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We’re back with yet another iPhone 7 rumor roundup but unlike the pure speculation that I often engage in along with a number of others in the media in the build up to Apple events and unveiling of new models of its iconic iPhones, these come from Mac Otakara who has been spot on a few times in the past.

iPhone 7 likely won’t be waterproof

If Mr. Otakara has this right it will disappoint many who had hoped that the iPhone 7 would be waterproof when unveiled in March. While I’ve personally never dumped my iPhone in the toilet or been thrown into a pool with it still in my pocket, I know that others have. While many were suggesting that the iPhone 7 would have at least some waterproof aspects, Otakara doesn’t think so.

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This will mean that Apple will have a flagship smartphone that, unlike the Galaxy S7 which is dust-proof and water resistant, will be considerably less resistant to silly behavior as well as simple wear and tear. And while iPhone users are a loyal lot that upgrade devices with staggering regularity, Apple risks losing a few customers or perhaps just allowing Samsung to retain theirs.

iPhone 7 size as seen by Otakara, and other rumors

Otakara believes that the iPhone 7 will be identical in length and width to the iPhone 6s, however, he’s calling for the phone to be about one millimeter thinner owing to a thinner LCD display. This jibes with predictions from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made last September.

Otakara, like many others, expects that there will no longer be that little bump on the back from the camera’s lens but will feature a flush design also allowing for the slimmer build. Many have suggested that by getting rid of the 3.5 mm headphone jack, Apple could feature two speakers and stereo sound for the first time in the iPhone when the iPhone 7 goes on sale in September. Apple filed a patent last year that shows the possibility for resonance chambers with the space left from the headphone jack, something that Otakara believes as well.

Additionally, Otakara thinks that the iPhone 7 may well have a thinner Lighting port that may mean you’ll need a new case if upgrading from the iPhone 6s, but that the cables will be interchangeable.

Otakara is calling for a dual-camera system designed by LinX, a company that Apple acquired last year. This would allow for varied depths and the ability for the camera to piece the different images together for 3D photos and video(?).

Otakara doesn’t believe that the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will have the dual-lens technology but that the larger iPhone 7 Plus and it’s 5.5-inch screen will. Whether the iPhone 7’s larger model will be called the Pro or the Plus is anyone’s guess.

Back to the headphone jack

Otakara and others are calling for Lightning-powered headphones to come bundled with the iPhone 7 while cordless Beats headphone will be sold separately, possibly at a discount if purchased along with the iPhone.

Apple has also filed a recent patent for a hybrid that offers corded/wireless connections. In the application, Apple wrote, “a media apparatus that can be used in conjunction with a host device to provide an end user a pleasurable listening experience especially during periods of physical activity. In the described embodiment, the host device can take the form of a portable media player. In particular, the media apparatus can include a listening device.”

It’s almost a certainty that Apple will be unveiling this phone on March 21st with the handset being made available in September.

Many believe that on the same day, Apple is set to unveil a 4-inch iPhone called the iPhone SE that could go on sale within days of the event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Additionally, others are calling for new Apple Watch bands but not an Apple Watch 2. Also, a 9.7-inch iPad Pro will likely be shown at the event and given its size and the upcoming elimination of the headphone jack could offer users fantastic sound if all comes to fruition.

Once again, this is all rumor and speculation but at the same time my experience in covering the last four years of Apple events, there are people like Otakara who largely get it right and as the event gets closer, the accuracy of these rumors does increase despite Apple’s absolute tight-lipped corporate culture regarding upcoming releases (although engineers to occasionally leave their phones in bars from time to time). We shall see.

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