Easter egg hunt turns bloody as parents rush in ‘like locusts’ and steal candy

Published on Mar 27, 2016

Children as young as four were trampled by adults in a rampage to steal buckets and grab as many of the 9,000 hidden eggs as possible from the third annual free event at the PEZ headquarters.

Easter egg hunt turns bloody

0:00join tonight a morning Easter egg hunt turn into pandemonium at the Penn center
0:04and orange several thousand people turning up for the free event
0:07overwhelming the company employees and many in attendance thanks for joining us
0:12at 11:09 Kevin Hogan channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter mark Robins
0:15joins us live now in orange with that story to be marked well good evening
0:22Kevin this was the third annual Easter egg hunt sponsored by the PES company
0:26they knew this was a growing event they never dreamed that something that was
0:30becoming wildly popular would become so wild the field adjacent to the PES
0:36visitors center was the site of the Holiday Easter egg hunt it was free to
0:40the public and throughout the week leading up to it it was attracting a lot
0:44of attention on the PES Facebook page
0:47these pictures show how the massive crowd was building the event was
0:51supposed to take place in three stages broken down into age groups youngest
0:56kids first 12 year olds the oldest group but parents didn’t pay much attention to
1:01procedure in fact reports say a lot of adults didn’t stand still when it came
1:07time for like 1030 let the parents just bum rush the areas we started talking to
1:12folks have a you know this is supposed to start a directed time that we’ve
1:16we’ve posted let’s wait will give a whistle will give the signal to start
1:20this and that lasted about a minute and then folks just rushed the field and
1:24took everything to my son left a broken basque and was hysterically crying the
1:29Pens general manager and his staff tried to regain order but things quickly
1:34spiraled out of control there’s like locusts just descended and left it left
1:39pairs with a lot of disappointed children the company then set up a
1:43backup plan giving out free stuff but for many the Lions went too long and the
1:49mood wasn’t right to take my kids somewhere where now I feel like you’re
1:53not putting their safety as you know in any way shape or form it’s unfortunate
1:57people left disappointed that certainly never
1:59the goal with that is supposed to be a fun free activity and we did our best
2:04unfortunately just fell a little short now there were no reports of any
2:11injuries in fact orange police were not called to the scene the police did speak
2:16with PES company management after the event was offered reporting live in the
2:20mobile newsroom in orange mark roberts channel 3 Eyewitness News