BMW Unveils Concept Car For Self-Driving Future

Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) will celebrate its 100th anniversary tomorrow and it’s unveiled a car that shows what the automaker has in store of the next one hundred years.

BMW Unveils Concept Car For Self-Driving Future

Artificial intelligence stepping into the driver’s seat

The Vision Next 100, is clearly named for the automaker’s anniversary tomorrow and represents BMW’s firm belief that the future means self-driving cars that are emission free.

When asked when the car would be rolled-out BMW Chief Executive Harald Krüger responded to the reporter’s question with, “If it were up to me—tomorrow,” but quickly pointed out that it would more likely be “in the next 20 to 30 years.”

BMW has been making beautiful, powerful machines for some time and dominate the luxury market along with rivals Mercedes and Audi. While others like Jaguar and Aston-Martin have carved out a niche along with a few Italian makes, the German’s truly make exceptional automobiles that meld comfort, safety, and good looks.

The Vision Next 100 is a truly futuristic endeavor worthy of an appearance in a science fiction film representing a future not too far away.

“As designers our job was to put a face on the future,” said BMW’s chief designer, Ariran van Hooydonk in an interview with Bloomberg News.

Self-driving cars represent the future

While the idea of self-driving cars still frighten many, they really shouldn’t. Within a decade self-driving cars will likely be considerably safer than a human operated vehicle. BMW sees that future as one where “most vehicles will probably be completely self-driving—people will get around in robots on wheels.”

But as that remains a way off, BMW has made the Vision Next 100 a dual mode automobile. In the “Boost” mode, the driver is still in control of the vehicle but in an augmented fashion with the car providing a bit of help with 360-degree radar and a futuristic head-up-display built into the windshield.

“Shifting” the vehicle into “Ease” mode allows the car’s artificial intelligence to take over so a driver can take a call, read a book, or even take a nap.

BMW means business and its business is embracing the future.





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