Hewitt Heiserman: “Ben Graham and the Growth Investor” | Talks at Google

Hewitt Heiserman: “Ben Graham and the Growth Investor” | Talks at Google

Hewitt Heiserman: “Ben Graham and the Growth Investor” | Talks at Google

Published on Mar 8, 2016

Hewitt Heiserman authored “It’s Earnings That Count” and is finishing his second book, “The Checklist Investor”. He is a member of the Boston Security Analyst Society and CFA Institute. He has written for several investing publications.. He graduated from Kenyon College and received the Faculty Award for Distinguished Achievement. He is an Ironman finisher, and is active in open land preservation.

Ben Graham and the Growth Investor Slides here and below

Ben Graham and the Growth Investor_Talks @ Google [final]_021616

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t’s Earnings That Count introduces the Earnings Power Box™? a tool for identifying companies with a wide gap between their accrual performance and earnings. Features include six ratios investors can use to make smarter decisions, techniques for identifying companies poised to outgain the market over the next five to ten years, and more.

From the Back Cover

Praise for It’s Earnings That Count:

“Well-written, intellectually sound, ‘accessible’ to those who take the time to understand, and a poke in the eye to those who abused our capitalistic system and those (pros) who let them get away with it.”
–John C. Bogle, Founder and former CEO of The Vanguard Group

“Clear and engaging, Heiserman shows how to easily evaluate a growth company’s investment potential for both conservative and aggressive investors. The result? The ‘cautiously greedy’ investor wins.”
–Tom Jacobs, senior analyst for The Motley Fool

“In a single, easy-to-use index, Heiserman captures the essence of growth and value–a most insightful approach to stock picking.”
–Charles W. Mulford, professor of accounting at the Georgia Institute of Technology and coauthor of The Financial Numbers Game

“A great addition to the literature! Hewitt Heiserman has crafted an easy-to-read, basic tutorial on avoiding the most common mistakes caused by accounting phony baloney–combined with some age-old investment wisdom. Mandatory for the intermediate investor.”
–Kenneth L. Fisher, CEO, Fisher Investments Inc., and Forbes’s “Portfolio Strategy” columnist

If recent history has taught anything, it is that published financial reports can be questionable and even misleading to investors looking for solid investment targets. It’s Earnings That Count shows you how to look beyond reported figures to find those needle-in-the-haystack companies that possess consistently high-quality earnings growth–the best indicator of a stock’s long-term investment potential.

About the Author

Hewitt Heiserman Jr., is a veteran quantitative research analyst with firms including Fidelity Investments and American Holdco. He is a columnist for TheStreet.com and the founder of EarningsPower.com.


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