Type 1 Diabetes Discovery Made By Research Team

Type 1 Diabetes Discovery Made By Research Team

A research team from the University of Colorado believes that it’s made a major breakthrough in identifying the cause of Type 1 diabetes and their work was featured recently in the journal Science.

Type 1 Diabetes cause identified?

After a decade of research, the cause of Type 1 diabetes may have finally been found. Type 1, not to be confused with adult onset or Type 2 diabetes (which based on diet doesn’t wait for adulthood), is an inherited autoimmune disorder which sees insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas being destroyed by the body’s own immune cells.

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“We’ve been studying T cells in Type 1 diabetes,” said Thomas Delong, a research assistant professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

More specifically, a type of T cell and the researchers believe they have identified a hybr