Tesla Model 3 Price To Begin At $35,000 [REPORT]

There is little known about the Tesla Model 3 except that it will be the automaker’s first efforts to brink one of its electric vehicles to the masses in an effort to ramp up its production to around 500,000 a year by 2020.

Tesla Model 3 Price To Begin At $35,000 [REPORT]

Tesla Model 3 rumors, speculation and more rumors

Not unlike the wild speculation that accompanies Apple launches in March, Tesla’s March plans to unveil its newest offering invite wild speculation and reportage for many tech writers.

There seems to be a working consensus that the Model 3 will come in at a price point beginning at $35,000 prior to government incentives that could lower its effective purchase price to under $10,000 depending on where you live. While the Model 3 is likely to resemble the Model S, at that price it will surely have fewer bells and whistles than the latter model. While it’s possible that the Model 3 will be made of the high-end aluminum construction of the Model S and Model X, it’s likely that it will be made out of cheaper steel.

Elon Musk, on a recent trip to Hong Kong, confirmed that the Model 3 will indeed be unveiled in March with pre-ordering immediately available, not much else is known about Tesla’s third offering. If the Model 3 isn’t kneecapped by the delays that came with the Model X, production is expected to begin in early 2017 with delivery likely in Q4 of the same year.

Smaller than the Model S

So, take the Model S, make it out of steel, then if Elon Musk is to believed, shrink it by about 20% and we have a chassis for the transport of additional rumors.

The new battery, motor, and design will see the Model 3 with a range of around 200 miles and without question will have access to the supercharger network that Tesla already has in place.

Whether or not the Model 3 will have the sensors necessary for “auto-pilot” or semi-autonomous driving is a bit contentious, most prognosticators are saying “yes” to that one and it would certainly benefit Tesla going forward if millions and millions of miles are there for the company to work on its software and make future improvements.

We will know more in March and you can surely read about the unveiling here at ValueWalk.