Sizing Up The Tallest Skyscraper Of 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sizing Up The Tallest Skyscraper Of 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

There were more skyscrapers built in 2015 than any other past year, according to the 2015 Year in Review report created by Skyscraper Central.

Sizing Up The Tallest Skyscraper Of 2015

This year’s tallest skyscraper, the Shanghai Tower, comes in at a staggering 2,073 ft (632m) to make it the second tallest building in existence behind Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa.

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Sizing Up The Tallest Skyscraper Of 2015

The Shanghai Tower also does a great job at epitomizing current trends in the sector. It’s a multi-use structure (hotel, office) that is made of composite material (steel, concrete).

The second tallest building completed during the year, 432 Park Avenue in New York City, does not come close to challenging the Shanghai Tower in height – it’s shorter by a whopping 677 ft (206m), which is more than two football fields stacked vertically.

In fact, aside from 432 Park Avenue, only two skyscrapers were completed in North America last year: ICE Condominiums at York Centre (Toronto) and Sky (New York City).

The trend continues to point Asia’s direction, where 76.4% of all skyscrapers completed in 2015 were built.

Here is how the location of the world’s top 100 skyscrapers have changed over time:

Sizing Up The Tallest Skyscraper Of 2015

The Tallest Skyscrapers Of 2015

To demonstrate the height of the Shanghai Tower, here it is visualized within the context of the world’s top 20 skyscrapers completed in 2015 by height:

Sizing Up The Tallest Skyscraper Of 2015

Rank Building Name City Stories m ft
1 Shanghai Tower Shanghai, China 128 632 2073
2 432 Park Avenue New York City, US 85 426 1396
3 OKO – Residential Tower Moscow, Russia 90 354 1160
4 Forum 66 Tower 1 Shenyang, China 68 351 1150
5 ADNOC Headquarters Abu Dhabi, UAE 76 342 1122
6 Chongqing World Financial Center Chongqing, China 72 339 1112
7 Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre Tower 1 Nanjing, China 68 315 1032
8 Fortune Center Guangzhou, China 68 309 1015
9 Stalnaya Vershina Moscow, Russia 72 309 1013
10 Diwang International Fortune Center Liuzhou, China 75 303 994

Lastly, here’s a summary of skyscraper completions by country:

Sizing Up The Tallest Skyscraper Of 2015

Source Visual Capitalist

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