Samsung Opens Flagship NYC Store “Samsung 837”

Samsung’s newest flagship store, Samsung 837, has opened on the corner of Washington and East 13th Street in New York City’s historic Meatpacking District. Samsung joins Apple, Nintendo, Sony and others with flagship stores with one major difference, you can’t buy anything at Samsung 837.

Samsung Opens Flagship NYC Store "Samsung 837"

Samsung 837 – Amphitheater and cooking classes replace actual shopping

The company’s flagship store is located in a trendy neighborhood off the city’s High Line walking park, and will hope to fit right into the neighborhood with musical performances, cooking classes and art exhibits as well as a other cultural events aimed at present Samsung users and potential clients.

The three story screen in the amphitheater will host a Oscar-watching party for owners of its flagship Galaxy devices.

While the “store” will be hosting the aforementioned events, Samsung promises that anyone walking off the street will have an opportunity to enjoy themselves just walking through the new flagship location. “Social Galaxy” by Black Egg is presently in the art gallery that is installed with a mirrored tunnel lined with Samsung products. Visitors are simply asked to log into their Instagram accounts at the entrance and will receive an immersive sound and color display based on their account.

Samsung is promoting all of their devices from smart refrigerators to large displays, the Gear VR and others all join in on the fun. While none of Samsung’s products are for sale you are able to purchase food and drink at the cafe which will feature a rotating group of food vendors and Stand Coffee.

Samsung keeps it fun, local

You’ll know that you’re still in New York City when you enter this store and its cafe. The uniforms worn by the employees are from the boutique Rag & Bone and they have one of their NYC locations right across the street. Samsung 837 opened its doors about two hours ago to high expectations without high pressure sales people.

While the Apple Store and others show off their products and let you purchase them, Samsung 837 has gone a completely different route and the company will certainly be hoping that it made the right decision in its offerings.