PlayStation 5 – What New Features Should Sony Include?

PlayStation 5 – What New Features Should Sony Include?
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Despite some debate over when the next generation Sony console is likely to appear…one thing we do know for certain is that there will be a PlayStation 5 in the next few years! With consoles being challenged from multiple directions in what is an increasingly complex and diverse gaming marketplace, it is essential for Sony to deliver something outstanding when the PlayStation 5 is ultimately released.

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Analysts are yet to agree on whether this will be in 2018, 2019 or even 2020, but it is still possible to examine a raft of critical features that could be part of the PlayStation 5 generation.

PlayStation 5 – Better launch and early titles

The first concept is quite a simple one – simply ensure that better titles are available at the launch of the PlayStation 5, and in the early weeks and months of the system’s lifespan. In all honesty, the launch titles for the PlayStation 4 were pretty mediocre, and the scene didn’t really get going for at least a year after the release of the console. Sony should make the PlayStation 5 more exciting, far more quickly.

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Compact and portable

Perhaps it isn’t realistic to expect this from day one, but Sony is competing in a completely different gaming marketplace nowadays, and is up against extremely convenient devices, in particular smartphones. Sony needs to follow suit with this ethos, and produce a compact and portable PlayStation 5 sooner rather than later.

Flash storage

Games consoles increasingly need to mesh with other devices and media, and offering SSD storage instead of HDD could assist Sony in ensuring that the PlayStation 5 is lighter, quieter, and crucially simply runs faster. Perhaps this could be an optional extra for consumers wishing to pay a little extra for the console.

More consumer choice

Speaking of which, Sony could appeal to gamers more by offering various versions of its base PlayStation 5 console. Choice is the byword of consumer electronics nowadays, and certainly Sony should bear this in mind and try to make the PlayStation 5 as flexible as possible.

Open-Source OS

This would be a unique proposition for a video games console, but an operating system which was open-source in nature would open up the PlayStation 5 to mass development of apps and games by the incredibly talented developer community. This would only be a good thing for PlayStation 5 software.

Social networking

Somehow the PlayStation 4 fails to quite deliver in this department, and the ubiquity of social media means that improved social networking via Facebook, Twitter and other more niche social platforms would be an extremely big plus point for the console.

4K games

This is an absolute must for the next generation PlayStation 5. There is no doubt that 4K resolution technology will be mainstream by the time that the console is released, so Sony must ensure that the PlayStation 5 delivers true 4K gaming out of the box, and future proofs it possibly with the ability to run 8K video.

Retro games in high def / 4K

If Sony could deliver backwards compatibility in 4K resolution this would be a massive technical achievement, and it’s something that would be extremely attractive to gamers. At the very least, improved backwards compatibility in full HD from day one should be considered essential, and really something that consumers should demand as a bare minimum.

Virtual reality

Sony is hoping that its PlayStation VR system will be a massive hit when it is released later this year. This is far from a certainty, but if the corporation is serious about developing virtual reality as a form of mainstream console gaming, it surely must include PlayStation VR technology in the PlayStation 5 from the day that the console is released. Sony already faces challenges from other virtual reality systems, and anything that can boost what is certain to be an expensive peripheral will be extremely welcome.

Disc-based gaming

Video gamers are definitely not ready to abandon the humble disk drive, despite the steadily increasing popularity of streaming and downloading games. This was a central facet of the PlayStation 4 success story, and it only should certainly retain the disc drive, and concurrently disc-based gaming, in the next generation. In addition, it is possible that the PlayStation 5 could feature a 4K disc player, if indeed the technology is not obsolete due to downloading by the time that it is released.

Better streaming service

PlayStation Now has been a success for Sony, but with the improved broadband speeds that will be available by the time that the PlayStation 5 is released, it could be significantly improved. The possibility of streaming current generation titles in real time would be extremely attractive, even if it is undoubtedly a technical challenge for the manufacturers.

Let PC fans use Steam

While all technology manufacturers like to pretend that their own particular devices are solely utilized by consumers, and all competitors are ignored, the reality is that there are many console gamers that also use the PC steam service. Sony could show a maturity that is rarely associated with its rival Microsoft by integrating the Steam platform with the PlayStation 5; winning over regular PC gamers to its platform.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is becoming a ubiquitous technology in mobile phones, and this would be extremely welcome in the PlayStation 5 as well. Certainly the technology is available in order to achieve this, and gamers are well and truly fed up of plugging in their controllers on a regular basis in order to charge them.

Improved PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store is of an acceptable standard, but it is hardly as intuitive and easy to navigate as the Apple App Store, for example. Sony wants people to download games…so make it easier, more enjoyable and cheaper. Or people will not do it!

Cheaper than the Xbox Two

It seems unlikely that Microsoft will make the same mistakes again, but the PlayStation 4 launched at a cheaper price point than the Xbox One, and Sony fans would love to see this repeated in the PlayStation 5 / Xbox Two generation.

Please, please, please…less updates!

Finally, all modern consoles are plagued by inordinate updates, and pretty much all gamers would love to see these diminish in regularity significantly.

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  1. I doubt they would screw up again, and make the price 400, or 400+. Backwards compatibility right off the bat better be definite, because with all the new, and amazing games coming in the following years leading up to the ultimate release of the PS5, I think people would probably want to game on the PS5 without having to spend hundreds of dollars buying the exact same game, just on a new platform. Seriously, they shouldn’t make the same mistake that Microsoft did by having only a select amount of games able to be used on the Xbox One. Sony should try their absolute best to render the games to the PS5’s gaming standards.

    Adding to that, let’s discuss the 4K-8K quality. Microsoft, i’d bet they’d work 4K HD into the Xbox Two, or something close to that. But what I’m really curious about is, will Sony go with 4K HD, or 8K? Think about it, it will be a few years from now, most likely releasing in 2020, they might up their game and go for 8K! That would cost a few million, or billion dollars to integrate it into the revolutionary next generation console, but it would seriously give them the upper hand. They would definitely be above Microsoft.

    But this is not very likely, though it is safe to say there will be 4K, or above in the PS5.

  2. Okay so I buy an Xbox one just to spend another 500 on a new system in less than five years? The industry doesn’t care financially about any customers that DONT HAVE 500 to just drop on a new system. Plus the hundreds of dollars worth of games it will come out with.

    Cant we just stick with what we know?

  3. I believe Sony stated that it will be investing in new studios and production capabilities, probably realising it cut a bit to close to the bone when making cuts a few years ago.

    There no way Sony is going to undermine it own online store by allowing steam, it possible they may decide to become a bigger publisher by spreading their playstation network to PCs but they aren’t going to allow third party into their close ecosystem.

    An Sony need to avoid a price war with Microsoft.

    Updates should handle on the lines of Chrome and Windows, where updates are downloaded automatically but you can still play games until you decide to update the console.

  4. Hopefully in 3 to 4 years these sort of demands will be possible to deliver in a $400 to $500 dollar price point range. a 1TB SSD alone retails for close to that !

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