Mars Announces Candy Bar Recall Due To Plastic

The U.S. chocolate maker Mars announced today that it was recalling Mars, Snickers, Milky Way candy bars as well as other products in 55 European countries following a discovery of plastic in one of its products.

Mars Announces Candy Bar Recall Due To Plastic

Mars and its massive candy bar recall

Roel Govers, spokesman for Mars in the Netherlands, told The Associated Press that the company had few details yet but did say that it would be emailing a news release later today for those in the media that would like to report on the issues.

Mars in Germany went on record as saying that Germany was, indeed, one of the countries affected by the recall. They did not specify whether or not plastic was found in any of its products in Germany or whether is was simply having its candy bars recalled. When you think about a 55 country recall in Europe, you’re really talking about nearly every European country.

The recall with go forth for the aforementioned candy bar types with “best before” dates that range from June 19, 2016 to January 8, 2017.

“We have intentionally chosen a long production time frame in order to ensure that all possibly affected products are recalled,” the company said in a German-language statement, adding that it was in “close contact” with food safety authorities.

Dutch food safety authority warning

The Dutch food safety authority posted a Mars press release on its website. The press release said that the recall was to affect Mars, Milky Way, Celebrations and Mini Mix. The recall will also affect the best-selling candy bar in the world, the Snickers.

So apparently in addition to the sugar that causes tooth decay, obesity and diabetes fans of the Snickers also have to worry about choking on plastic.

With low margins, the scope of the recall makes a tremendous amount of sense.

No word was given as to whether or not the recall would affect any of the candy bars sold by Mars outside of the United States.

Mars, Inc. is privately held and based in McLean, Virginia and also owns the largest chewing gum maker in the world the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company.

Because it is privately owned, the wealth of the  family is believed to be staggering but the specifics remain a mystery.