Obama Proposes An Oil Tax To Fund Alternate Modes Of Transport

Obama Proposes An Oil Tax To Fund Alternate Modes Of Transport

Oil Tax good or bad idea? Despite having absolutely no chance of getting it through a Republican controlled Congress (and much Democratic opposition to an extremely regressive tax), President Obama is set to announce a plan to raise money for a $300 billion investment in autonomous vehicles, high-speed rail and other mass transit alternatives.


No gas tax, try an oil tax?

Obama’s budget proposal next week will include a $10 per-barrel oil tax that would be put on oil companies. Now, let’s be clear about two things: oil companies will simply pass that tax on to American motorists and Hell has a better chance of hosting the Winter Olympics of any new tax, or for that matter anything proposed by Obama in his last year in an election year, passing through Congress. With oil prices at a unseen low in over a decade, now would might make some sense, but it’s not happening.

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