Mazar Malware “Wiping” Android Phones With SMS

Mazar Malware “Wiping” Android Phones With SMS

The Danish security company, Heimdal, has this week detailed a powerful type of malware that will essentially erase your Android device as long as you’re not using Android in Russian.

Safe to say that Mazar is Russian malware?

While a nasty bit of software there are ways of avoiding any possible Mazar infestation or attack. First, Mazar doesn’t seem to affect phones where Android is installed in Russian. This certainly suggests that the malware itself was designed by Russians and Russians not wanting their own malware to wipe their phones.

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Additionally, Android devices ship with a default setting that only allows software to be installed from the Google Play store. If you have, however, unchecked this box in settings you set yourself from all sorts of attacks extending past this Mazar malware that gains administrator rights on your phone and can be used to make calls, read texts as well as simply wipe your phone.

Clearly, with pay number out there, you don’t want anyone to have such access where it charges up hundreds of dollars to a pay number while you sleep.

Mazar arrives to your phone as an innocent looking SMS message with a link to something that looks like a multimedia message. Let’s stop there, why would you open this? But the sad fact is that many do open links like this. If you make the mistake of going to this link, the malware installs Tor software and from there you are vulnerable to outside control of your device. Heimdal is reporting that they believe that the malware has been sent to over 100,000 phones in Denmark